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Throughout his life, Robbert has observed an enormous amount of crop circles. It is intended that on this page, all formations will be archived for more insight into these formations. Below you will now find the complete list from 2007 on. You can view the observations both through the map as well as the alphabetical overview that is listed below. In addition, there is also the option via the menu below to choose a selection per year.
6th Formation 2010
Observed on: 06 August 2010

“Grass circle arises under our noses!” (Report by Roy Boschman)It’s Friday evening, August 6 and I’m with Robbert. Around eleven o’clock I suggest that maybe we should just go somewhere outside a little, because the weather is lovely (clear sky, no wind and about 15ËšC or 59ËšF). “Maybe go back to the field once more?” I ask. This sounds like a good idea to Robbert, because that has been a while indeed. We are just on our way (I think less than 500 m away from his home) as Robbert tells me he has a ‘positive restless feeling’. He says he also feels this whenever a circle is about to appear somewhere. I say: “OK……..I am very calm and cool……!!!” Eventually we arrive at the field at the Palingstraat (a street). When the car is stationary, the field is to Robbert’s side. We get out, I grab my coat from the back and then hear Robbert calling: “Hey, a flash! I saw a flash….! Did you see it too?” Unfortunately I hadn’t…He points to where he saw the flash. It was about 5 meters (16 ft) away from the car, just above the ground. While taking photos we walk towards the spot. And then, much to our surprise……..exactly on that spot lies a small grass circle with a diameter of approx. 1.5 m (5 ft). UNBELIEVABLE! Arisen just under our noses! Robbert immediately steps inside it, to ‘feel’. This is clearly made for us, he explains.”Just go ahead and stand inside”, he says. No sooner said than done. After about 30 sec. it seems that my hearing declines. This is accompanied by a kind of high pitched sound plus I get an oppressive feeling just below my ears. Once I step out of the circle, the feeling goes away…..very special. Clearly SOMETHING was happening in that circle. I tell Robbert about my experience and he recognizes it instantly. This is the same feeling he has when he gives readings to his customers.

What was also striking, is that the dogs in the neighborhood began to bark and cows in the distance were mooing. There was clearly something ‘hanging in the air’. And maybe we had to take that literally. Because Robbert as a matter of fact started making remarks like, if a UFO would land right now…would I step inside and go with it….? I then replied: “Yes, of course, but I first however will have to go and lock the car, because it is still unlocked with the keys still in it….”. I then ask if he thought it would be necessary….? But he could not answer that….

Meanwhile I was standing for quite a while inside the circle and got the strong impression that “they” were engaged with me…..Actually, it seemed like there was  constant and repeatedly ‘being said’ - NOT YET RIGHT NOW-. It felt very peaceful and familiar. There was clearly a contact going on, I just couldn’t deny that. I therefore felt a great respect for this intelligence that was working with me.

During this experience, Robbert was taking pictures with his camera. We stayed there at least an hour. In the mean time, the dogs had stopped barking and the cows were quite again. We ourselves had the impression also that the (positive) ‘tension’ had disappeared. Next we looked at the photos and surprisingly there were a few special ones among them. Especially the one that you can see on this page with the light tube that seems to proceed towards me, speaks to the imagination……Robbert later told me that this has been a kind of initiation, for something that is yet to happen. (EXCITING……!)    

5th Formation 2010
Observed on: 02 August 2010

During the last week of July, Robbert had the feeling that it wouldn’t be long before a formation would emerge again. A few days already, he had the well-known joyful and loving feeling in his body. From Sunday, Aug.1 till Monday Aug.2, the feeling was so strong, that he phoned a friend to go along with him to the farm lands near Oudenbosch. At the Koksweg (a road) they indeed found, in wheat, the 5th formation of this year. The formation consisted of two large circles with a horseshoe attached, to the right side of that lay also an oval plus a small circle. The length of the formation in total was about 82 ft.

At daylight something very special was discovered. Some wheat spikes appeared to be scorched by a significant heat source. Since this had never happened before in one of ‘Robbert’s’ formations, it was decided to further investigate the stalks in a laboratory in Ohio (USA).

The outcome of this research can be read here.



4th Formation 2010
Observed on: 23 July 2010

It didn’t take too long for the 4th Dutch crop circle to arrive. This formation also lay in Zevenbergen, in a field next to “Afgebrande Hoeven”, to be exact. The farmer was not too happy with this miracle in his field. He therefore gave no permission to enter the formation and/or allow the research team to investigate.

Later, Roy Boschman again went to the farmer to ask if maybe it was possible to measure the formation for a reference work anyway. Fortunately he gave permission for this. A detailed drawing with dimensions can be found on this page.

3rd Formation 2010
Observed on: 21 July 2010

On the night between July 20 and 21, Robbert gets a strong urge to head into the polders [fields]. He phones a friend and says he needs to go to a specific field somewhere in Zevenbergen. On arrival there is indeed a formation. They do not only come across the formation, but Robbert and Ellen also see a white ball of light above the center the size of a football.

The formation has a large oval ring with a diameter of over 65 ft, surrounded by 23 smaller circles, ranging from 3.3 ft to 6.5 ft in diameter. About 82 ft further to the northeast are another 3 circles of about 6.5 to 8 ft. The crop, in this case winter wheat, is folded anti clockwise everywhere. In the circles the wheat lies on the ground as if each stalk was put there separately. In the ring, the flat crop even has the tendency to press inwards. There are no footsteps found in the formation. Furthermore, there are several extended knots found within the circles, knots that cannot be found in the upright crop. All in all, there is not a clue to be found that indicates the work of people, on the contrary, everything indicates that here other forces/energies are the cause.

Unfortunately, the farmer did not permit to enter the formation any further.

2nd Formation 2010
Observed on: 09 July 2010

On the night from Thursday to Friday (July 8/9), a new crop circle was formed, this time in Standdaarbuiten. Robbert felt that this formation was filled with deep, soft love-energies, Christ energy. It concerns a cross-shaped formation of 17 circles as well as 3 adjacent circles.

It is a formation with a large circle at the center of the cross with a diameter of nearly 30 ft, followed by 2 smaller circles to the south, 4 circles to the east, 4 to the west and 6 circles to the north. These smaller circles have a diameter of approx. 5 to 8 ft. The 3 circles that lie a little more secluded to the northwest are 5 to 11.5 ft. The total width of the formation is 90 ft, and the total length including the three separate circles measures 148 ft. A respectable size by Dutch standards.

What was striking, was that the grain was laid down very nicely. The center, larger circle had a pattern of a kind of vortex type, or rather, patterns of the golden ratio were clearly visible herein. No bent or stretched knots were found. We did however find a dragonfly with a scorched abdomen that somehow found it’s death, probably caused by the forming of the formation. The crop, in this case winter wheat, lay counter-clockwise in all circles.

The owner of this cornfield in Standdaarbuiten had decided to allow for public viewing.

1st Formation 2010
Observed on: 26 June 2010

The First Dutch crop circle of 2010 arose on the night from Friday to Saturday, June 25/26 (approx. 01.00 am). Discovered and sensed in advance by Robbert. The formation lay at the Lamsweg in Etten-Leur. This is a dead-end side street of the Zevenbergseweg. Robbert already had the idea that something would show up in this field someday, and now it had happened. The formation has 11 rings and 11 circles. The total length is approx. 230 ft (see diagram drawing).

Within all the ring’s and circles the crop (winter-wheat) lay anticlockwise. They ranged from about 3 to 20 ft in diameter. They were also partly perfectly round, partly oval-shaped. The special feature of this formation was that it lay exactly between 2 tractor tracks. You can clearly see this in the pictures.

The owner of this field has promised to cooperate regarding a research into the seeds of the grain.

This formation was also open to the public. We have heard that the farmer earned a total of 400 Euros with this. That is many times more than the wheat itself could have mustered.


3rd Snow Formation
Observed on: 12 February 2010

On February 12, 2010 the third snow formation in the Netherlands was reported, again sensed and then discovered by Robbert van den Broeke and further examined and photographed by Roy Boschman. It concerned a significantly smaller formation next to the A-B road at Oudenbosch, consisting of 5 rings connected to each other as well as a sort of mark. The formation lay tight between to ditches crossing the meadow. There were no footprints when Robbert discovered the formation.

It seems that we in the Netherlands are tested on our resilience: all 3 snow formations are authentic, so NOT made by people. But the form is still erratic, where are the beautiful geometrically perfect designs? In the pictures on this page (thanks again to Robbert and Roy!) you can clearly see what I mean: it’s oh so tempting to think that this is a hoax, people. Why else so careless, so capricious? Can you think outside the box and accept that sometimes the Circle Makers provide this kind of work?