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Throughout his life, Robbert has observed an enormous amount of crop circles. It is intended that on this page, all formations will be archived for more insight into these formations. Below you will now find the complete list from 2007 on. You can view the observations both through the map as well as the alphabetical overview that is listed below. In addition, there is also the option via the menu below to choose a selection per year.
2nd Snow Formation
Observed on: 22 December 2009

One day after the appearance of the first snow formation, a second one arose in the adjacent field.

Around 01.00 am (on the night from Monday to Tuesday Dec.21/22), Robbert was drawn to the former corn field. Once there, he came across the formation. Like the first one, this one as well was composed of rings strung together like a pearl necklace. The rings (35 in total) covered the entire field, from one side along a path to the far side where a tree was the center of the last ring: 460 ft long! Making it the largest snow formation ever!

In the pictures you see - unlike the first snow formation – footprints in the snow. Robbert namely had directly on arrival a strong urge to walk through the rings, where he underwent a transformation to promote his own development. So this time there are tracks in the formation, but with good reason.

Of the first formation nothing could be seen anymore, that by now lay under a thick layer of fresh snow.

An interesting detail of this formation concerns the last and also largest ring, which was formed around a willow that once miraculously managed to endure the rigors of a thunderstorm and had begun a second life. This once full-fletched tree was regarded as lost by the farmer after it was struck by lightning. A few years later, shoots began to sprout at the bottom of the tree again and Robbert since then branded it a ‘little souls-tree’. And now it was showing off in the middle of the last ring (or first, depending on the point of observation) of an equally unique, crop circle related, snow formation.

Snow Formation
Observed on: 19 December 2009

During a Phone conversation with Nancy Talbott, Robbert told her that possibly very soon a formation could arise. The next evening, the feeling is already so strong that he phones his (girl) friend Ellen to head for the fields together. This time, again to the specific field at the ‘palingstraat’ where lately more events have occurred. On arrival they discovered a circle formation in snow. As Robbert stepped into the first circle, he heard something like angels singing. He described it as: like heaven came down on earth. It felt to him as very peaceful and loving. Because of the darkness and, for Dutch standards, enormous freezing temperatures (-10 ËšC or 14 ËšF), he did not step into the circles any further and did not stay long. The next day he approached Roy Boschman for taking the photos  which can be seen on this page.

The formation consisted of 23 rings, which were laced to each other like ‘soap bubbles’. The total size was 197 by 170 ft. There were no footprints in the snow; it seemed like the formation was printed from above with a huge stamp. Also striking was the fact that the snow in the grooves of the rings had disappeared (see close-ups). Therefore no piles of shifted snow could be observed.

A formation in snow has its advantages (the very evident lack of footprints) and disadvantages! Namely, because of tremendous snow fall the following night, the formation had disappeared under a fresh pack… Fortunately, Roy has everything well documented, so watch and enjoy…

10th Formation 2009
Observed on: 05 October 2009

This new grass circle with white powder in the center is actually a complement to the previous formation of Sept. 26.

The night before the emergence of this circle, Robbert said to have had an OBE whereby he, above the field in question, got an image of the new circle with the powder in it. Upon awakening he also found a pile of white powder on his balcony. Robbert himself had not had the opportunity to go to the field, so he inquired DCCA (Dutch Crop Circle Archive) and Roy Boschman about his experience of the night before. Roy was the first that morning to arrive at the place of destination. He actually found the new circle with the white powder. Later that day, Sjaak Damen collected the powder and took it for examination. A part of it was send to Nancy Talbott, who by now has had it analyzed. Her report can be read here.

This phenomenon has already occurred more often in the crop circles on the fields around Hoeven.  Of those events, reports were made as well. Click here.

9th Formation 2009
Observed on: 26 September 2009

For some days, Robbert again felt the familiar tension in the air that comes with the arrival of a new crop circle. On Saturday night, Sept. 26, it finally emerged. And it was again the field at the ‘Palingstraat’ to which he felt most attracted. So it was no surprise that there he found this relatively large grass formation. Comprising 4 large rings with a diameter of 59, 49, 42.6 and 29.5 ft. To the side of the formation there was also an ankh attached, and between the 2 smallest rings lay a small circle. The next morning Roy Boschman managed to take some snapshots; the mist made them extra ‘myst’erious.

That night, Robbert met Roy again at the appropriate field. The energy felt more than pleasant. The fog (if it was fog) moved like a ring around them. Curious, because fog normally doesn’t move like that and this ‘ring’ was no more than 30 ft wide with behind that nothing but clear air. Even more extraordinary was the fact that when Robbert and Roy walked in succession into the ring, other visitors saw a figure walk between them and some dark shapes behind them. Robbert later could confirm this, because he felt their presence.

That evening, Robbert again took some photos. And this time too, there appeared something remarkable on the camera’s display. An object which he already photographed before with the camera of Nancy Talbott in 2007 and 2008 and also this year in a formation in Standdaarbuiten. To read the report on this, click here. The photos with the square object that you see on this page, are taken in this formation.

8th Formation 2009
Observed on: 06 September 2009

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, Sept. 5/6, the second grass circle of this year arises in Hoeven. On this night, Robbert is attracted to this field and decides to go there with Ellen, a good friend. When they arrive at 01.00 am, they find a formation in the meadow of grass lying flat in the shape of a ring, with a diameter of about 30 ft containing an egg-shaped circle, and on the outside of the ring 4 circles. The middle oval circle is about 11.5 ft long and 8 ft wide and the 4 circles on the outside have a diameter of 4.9 ft. As they both stand in the meadow, Ellen has to duck for an overhead flying metallic object, which some 150 ft away disappears into nothing near a grove.

A day later, Robbert and Roy are at the formation during the evening. A little later they are accompanied by Peter Vanlaerhoven and his girlfriend and after that Ellen also joins in. The darkness already begins to fall. The energy surrounding this formation is clearly perceptible to all of them. The energy-fields around the visitors seem to light up when entering the circles. Personally, they all have their own experience. When Robbert uses Roy’s camera, there first appears some strange mist clouds in the pictures which are then followed by pictures of bright light-stripes which seem to streak over the field. Then Robbert begins to make pictures of himself and in one picture after the other a UFO appears. The entire series consists of about 20 pictures, two of which can be seen on this page. For more of this kind of pictures we refer to the photo gallery on this site.

7th Formation 2009
Observed on: 01 August 2009

On Saturday, Aug.1, Robbert tells his incredible story about what he experienced a day earlier.

On that particular day, he decides to drive his moped through the fields on his own, to leave all the hectic behind for a while. At one point he gets a strong urge to go to his special field.

What happened there exactly, can be read in the section ‘Wonderful Events’, under the title: Particular incident on July 31, 2009.

It turns out that Robbert lost his consciousness for a certain period of time during this incident. When he regains consciousness, he discovers a print of two oval rings that were left behind in the grass. He also finds himself with two metallic-like pieces of stone in his hands. Photos of which are on this page. The grass-circle is about Ø 16 x 13 ft, and involves an oval ring with a width of about 1 to 1.3 ft, consisting of two parallel tracks. In one of the photos this is clearly visible. 

6th Formation 2009
Observed on: 31 July 2009

Eind juli ontdekte Robbert een formatie die waarschijnlijk al eerder die maand was ontstaan.

In de eerste week van juli deed Robbert het verhaal dat hij een tekening had gemaakt van een nog te ontstane cirkel.

Zoals te lezen bij de 3e Formatie ’09, werd Robbert in de nacht van 12 juli weer aangetrokken tot de velden nabij Standdaarbuiten. Daar aangekomen kreeg hij het gevoel om naar een specifiek perceel te moeten, maar bij het desbetreffende veld vonden ze toen niets opmerkelijks.

Het leek er dus even op dat deze formatie geheel onopgemerkt aan ons voorbij zou gaan, maar de aantrekkingskracht naar dit veld bleef voor Robbert sterk aanwezig.
Uiteindelijk ontdekte hij dan toch deze ‘nieuwe’ formatie.
Aan de hand van hoe hij de cirkel aantrof, werd duidelijk dat hij er al een tijdje lag.
Grote kans dus, dat op die ene bewuste avond deze formatie is gevormd.
De tekening die Robbert eerder had gemaakt bleek exact overeen te komen.
Het betreft een formatie van 2 cirkels en een onvolledige ring zoals te zien is op de overzichtstekening. Hieronder volgen de maten.

Kleine ovaal links 1.40 x 1.60. Ovaal in het midden 3.00 x 2.65. Grote cirkel 24 meter in doorsnede met een opening van ongeveer 52/53 graden (is één van de hoeken die te vinden is in een heptagon en is ongeveer de heling van de grote piramide!!)


5th Formation 2009
Observed on: 24 July 2009

Friday, July 24, Robbert van den Broeke reported that he was ‘drawn’ the night before to a piece of land in Zevenbergen. He even noticed a white ghostly apparition there.

It concerns a formation in wheat (hight: 2.3 ft) of one large circle and a whopping 28 smaller ones, 14 of which lie around the large one and two curls on either side, 7 circles each. The length of the formation in total is approx. 111 ft. The crop lies once again counterclockwise, and in some of the smaller circles it even appears to lay in a spiral. At this formation also, we all are amazed how the stems could be laid down so beautifully. And this time too, no anomalies like bend or burst knots although on the other hand there were stems with a breakage. We also noticed a dead and a half dead fly attached to a stem.

Research into the energetic aspect provides ley lines which apparently do not lay there coincidently, looking at the drawing of Richard van Rijswijk. The many vibrating streams which are clearly palpable do have a considerable effect on us. After being present for a couple of hours it is clear for everyone that we should take a break. We do so after we collect some grain for Sjaak’s research [Sjaak Damen]. Fortunately, the owner of the land  gives us permission to research the grain concerning the quality of the protein containment. (an extensive account of this can be found in the section: Wonderful Events)

During the evening we return to where we have agreed to meet Robbert van den Broeke and Nancy Talbott, an American crop circle researcher. Apart from the many orbs, Robbert also managed to capture UFO’s with his camera. The extreme extraordinary result of this evening can be read and seen here. Those who still doubt the authenticity of the photos (something I would not blame them for) are invited to research the photos and cameras thoroughly. You indeed only start believing it until you experienced it yourself.

(Text: DCCA)


4th Formation 2009
Observed on: 19 July 2009

Robbert discovered this formation on the night from Saturday to Sunday, July 18/19, in the same field as where formation nr. 1 and 2 of this year had emerged. He already received a vision in advance about in what form it would arise. He therefore had made a drawing of it beforehand. He also perceived a huge ball of light upon entering the field.

The formation consisted of 1 larger circle surrounded by 11 smaller circles. We haven’t seen this shape a lot in the Netherlands, even the grain (winter-wheat) was laid down perfectly. A work of art to look at. The counterclockwise lying grain even had left the lumps of clay undamaged and had laid itself over them along with the shape of the chumps. The larger circle had a diameter of about 40 ft, but was not completely round. The attached drawing to scale indicates that the other circles where much smaller, ranging from Ø 13 ft to the north-east to Ø 6 ft at the south-east end of the tail. From head to tail the formation measured a total of 88.5 ft in length and was 62.3 ft in width. Richard van Rijswijk has mapped a complete construction drawing of it, and who knows, some pattern will emerge from that which can be calculated geometrically. An examination into the grain will also be performed and might possibly indicate that the circle took shape by means of radiation or heating, which may or may not have been caused by unknown phenomena.

3rd Formation 2009
Observed on: 12 July 2009

On Sunday July 12, a ‘new’ crop circle was discovered by Robbert in Standdaarbuiten. Robbert: “During the night from last Saturday to Sunday, I was attracted to the fields near Standdaarbuiten again and got the feeling that we (he and a girl friend) had to go to a certain field. This field however contained nothing remarkable, so we went to the field next to it, where we found these circles”.

This time as well it concerns a (oval) circle, surrounded by 3 smaller ones, one of which also appears to be an oval. The larger ‘circle’, in which the crop (winter wheat again this time) again is flattened counterclockwise, has a dimension of  34 to 25.5 ft in diameter. The smaller circles each measure Ø 6.9 ft and the small oval circle 14.44 ft. The smaller circles lie in a triangle around the large one, at a distance of 1.65 to 2 ft. The crop has a length of approx. 3.3 ft.

Robbert could tell that after this formation, the crop circle season wasn’t over yet. So on to the next.

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