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Throughout his life, Robbert has observed an enormous amount of crop circles. It is intended that on this page, all formations will be archived for more insight into these formations. Below you will now find the complete list from 2007 on. You can view the observations both through the map as well as the alphabetical overview that is listed below. In addition, there is also the option via the menu below to choose a selection per year.
10th Formation 2011
Observed on: 02 August 2011

Late in the evening of Aug. 2, Robbert and Ellen drove to the grass field where the very first formation of 2011 arose, which is near Bosschenhoofd. Robbert already for a week had the feeling that something was going to happen on this field. At around 23.30 hours they indeed discovered a new complex formation of 2 rings and 24 circles.

When Robbert and Ellen stepped into the formation, they felt a strong electrical tingling going through their arms and hands, which then became palpable in their whole body and caused a slight dizziness. Ellen also perceived a light above Robbert. Despite the vehemence of the energy, it still felt soft and loving to Robbert.

Technical details: the formation consists of 24 circles (diameter between 2.3 and 6.56 ft), one large oval ring (28.87 x 33.14 ft) and 1 small ring (10.5 ft). The total length is 52.49 ft. About half of the small circles had their swirl in the geometric center, the other half was off-centered. One small circle contained 2 swirls and another small circle had a hole in the center.

9th Formation 2011
Observed on: 05 July 2011

On the late evening of July 5, Robbert felt the buildup of a ‘very large presence’. He sketched the image that he mentally received: a kind of planetarium which he felt would be big and appear in wheat.

He phoned Ellen and together they drove towards the little town of Standdaarbuiten. Near the bridge, they both felt a strong pressure on their chest and shoulders. They discovered the new formation directly into the nearest field, just after midnight on July 5. In the formation, Robbert felt the presence of many intergalactic soul groups.

The resemblance between the sketch and the actual formation was striking! But there were more surprises. Further on in the field lay to both sides something else: entirely in the corner to the left front side lay 3 small circles and to the other side a series of 7 circles.

The farmer asked for a entry fee of (don’t be shocked) 10 euro! At first he asked for 20 euro’s per person, but through the negotiating capacities of Roy, he settled for halve. How fortunate that most of the formations this year appeared on land belonging to the National Forest Management.


8th Formation 2011
Observed on: 26 June 2011

On June 26, Robbert again anticipated the arrival of a new formation. He said that the night before the feeling suddenly came up, almost as if from nowhere. The day before, Roy asked if something would happen soon, but Robbert told him he had no presentiment at that time. However, late in the evening on June 25, Robbert suddenly was shown an image in his mind with the shape and location of a new formation. He tasted something metallic (‘like blood’) in his mouth and had the sensation that he hung over the field in question, whereby he experienced an intense moment of happiness, like if his body and mind were connected with the consciousness of the universe. He phoned Ellen and both left for the field that Robbert had seen in his vision (at the Koksweg between Hoeven and Oudenbosch). Once there, Robbert saw a white apparition hovering over the field. As Ellen stood in one of the circles, she suddenly saw a part of the formation light up, as if it were daytime. Later as well, as she left the formation and then turned her head to have another look, this illumination briefly repeated itself. According to Robbert, the energy was loving and very gentle.

The crop (barley) lay very nicely pressed flat against the ground. The formation was relatively small and consisted of five elements: a large circle with a diameter of 24.61 ft, 3 smaller circles (ranging from 10.83 to 8.2 ft) and an ellipse of 12.47 x 10.17 ft. Total length: 49.21 ft.

Note: The beautiful aerial photographs are taken by Yvonne Raaijmakers and Ronald Sikking. They do this by mounting a camera under a kite.


7th Formation 2011
Observed on: 16 June 2011

On June 16, again a formation arose near Hoeven, for the first time in barley this year. Total length: 45.57 ft. Diameter biggest circle: 23.62 ft. Smallest circle: 5.25 ft. 1 oval: 6.89 x 5.58 ft.

The barley in the largest circle was not completely squashed against the ground. This was positively the case in the smaller circles. As soon as June 14, Robbert began feeling an energetic build up. A day later his mother witnessed a white orb (larger than a football) which came flying from across the field behind their house and disappeared over the house in the direction of the field where later the new formation would be discovered. In the late evening of the 15th, Robbert went with a friend to inspect the fields. He felt a strong magnetic force and his companion saw blue flashes and lights around Robbert, as well as a white glow that from the edge of the field rushed towards Robbert and then surrounded him. Robbert experienced the energy as soft and feminine.

6th Formation 2011
Observed on: 24 May 2011

On the night between May 23 and 24, a new formation took shape next to the road from Prinsenbeek to Zevenbergen. Again in the grass of a nature reserve, so that asking permission from a farmer to enter his land was unnecessary. The formation contained an extreme energy for the body, but a very pleasurable, joyous energy for the mind. There were a few interesting things to see in the crop: dried tops of still upright grass stems and spots at the edge of the oval where the energy had left the oval and whereby the crop had swept up again and stood there like frozen.

Large oval: Diameter of  29 x 23 ft. Small ovals (in ring): 6.5 x 4.5 ft. Large oval ring: 31.8 x 33.5 ft. Largest circle 13.5 ft. Smallest circle: 4.5 ft. Total length: 98.4 ft.

Robbert mentally received the following message: “There is a Power given to the people to find their way out of their behavior patterns associated with playing a role. Many people play a role in fear of ‘not belonging’. Now a Force Field will come, in which the individual will be central and where people will go from thinking to Feeling. Because, unlike thinking, Feeling is Knowing. The Revolution in Egypt and other parts in the world, where people stand up for themselves and are no longer fooled concerning things that are not right, these are auguries of this Positive Force. People are Waking Up. This formation is an impulse to a new Maturity of mankind. If one listens to this Force, instead of tearing each other down, one will build each other up, and celebrate that we may exist in Eternity.

5th Formation 2011
Observed on: 20 May 2011

On May 19, Robbert felt that the next formation was ‘hanging in the air’. He experienced a nervous tension in his body and decided shortly before midnight to get with Ellen in her car and start searching. He was guided to the field of National Forest Management where previous on April 29 a formation already had arisen. When they arrived at the field shortly after midnight, they immediately realized that there were quite a few circles added. Robbert felt a ‘powerful presence’ and a tremendous energy, and described dizziness, a dry mouth and palpitation. As he walked through the circles, he heard a ‘group of metallic voices’ at some distance, but he could not hear what was being said nor in what language was spoken. He described it as many people conversing with each other on a party, but with low voices. As Ellen asked him whether it was a terrestrial or an alien language, he replied immediately that it was extraterrestrial. He also indicated that this formation felt like a acupuncture point to the earth, where, according to him, a cooperation takes place between extraterrestrial and earthly energies/entities (nature spirits or devas).

In the diagram, the first part of the pattern ( formed on April 29) is drawn in grey. The small black ring at the lower left is an addition that took place on May 20. The vertical lines are two narrow and shallow ditches running cross-country. The photos clearly show that this is a very special formation. This kind of detail ( litters and buns) is often seen in the English crop circles, but never before spotted in Dutch circles. And certainly not in grass! Regrettably, a few days later the grass stalks already were unraveled and grown back towards the sun. With grass you have to act real quick, but fortunately we have the beautiful photos of Roy.

4th Formation 2011
Observed on: 13 May 2011

In the afternoon of May 11, Robbert was drawn to a field near the village of Oudenbosch. He felt the presence of many soul-groups in the air around him, whereby he looked up and observed a white disc-shaped object high in the sky. He also felt a strong pressure on his head and shoulders, and he had a metallic taste in his mouth ( this is often reported worldwide, by eyewitnesses of a crop circle being formed). At that time however, he did not see a new formation and decided to go back home. But close to midnight the feeling became so strong, that he yet again went into the fields, this time together  with Ellen, and stopped at a specific field which he felt would be it. Immediately they saw a number of circles lie in the grass and proceeded towards them.

Robbert felt a strong ‘purple energy’, a loving and peaceful presence of soul groups. He told about this, that these souls were once creatures from other planets and dimensions who have passed away and now come together to collaborate and constitute an example for humanity, and to anchor a strong field of peace on Earth.

This beautiful formation consisted of 13 circles, 2 large rings, a small ring and a spiral. The total length was 137.8 ft, the diameter of the smallest circle was 3.28 ft, the largest circle 14.44 ft, the smallest ring 4.59 ft, and the largest ring was 37.73 ft. 

3rd Formation 2011
Observed on: 09 May 2011

In the early night between May 8 and 9, again a grass formation arose near Hoeven, in the same field as the second formation of this year. About 330 ft away from the previous formation now lay a complex figure, consisting of 14 circles (including one with a ‘line’ attached) and 3 rings. The total cross-section was 82 ft. The largest circle was 9.8 ft, and the smallest 4.6 ft. The largest ring had a diameter of 41 ft and the smallest 4.6 ft.

When Robbert and Ellen entered the formation just after midnight on May 9, the energy was so intense that they both became dizzy and slightly nauseous. They experienced the energy as strongly ‘rotating’ and very positive, despite the powerful physical effect.

The message that Robbert received at this formation, was that it concerned an injection for a new awareness and maturity of the human race, on their way to the new Unity Consciousness that is increasingly manifesting on earth.

2nd Formation 2011
Observed on: 29 April 2011

On April 29, in a field with long grass and buttercups, a fresh formation took shape, consisting of 9 circles, ranging from a relatively large oval (23 ft) to several small round circles (about 3.3 ft in diameter). The grass and the (totally undamaged) buttercups (and other weeds) were nicely crushed anti clockwise.

Both Robbert and his neighbor Ellen Gomis, with whom he arrived at the field just after midnight on April 29, saw out of 1 of the circles (the largest of the 8 smaller ones) a white fog-like light emerging (raising from the earth) that at least remained present for 10 minutes. A very special event! They felt at this formation as well, an electric tingling in their bodies.

Robbert received the following message at this beautiful little formation: More and more soul groups are entering our solar system, there will be an increasing contact and connection established between these soul groups and us here on earth. Humanity must mature and become more respectful and loving towards animals. There was also a message about discrimination; As long as we treat each other (people with a different skin color) disrespectfully, there will be no open contact possible with extraterrestrials. He also clearly received that this formation had a highly functional, healing effect for mankind and for the earth.

1st Formation 2011
Observed on: 24 April 2011

On Easter Sunday, just after midnight, Robbert was drawn towards a certain field near the village of Bosschenhoofd. Above the field he saw a white-yellow glow, as a result of which he knew he had to walk into the field. There he found a fresh grass formation, consisting of 18 circles, the smallest of which had a diameter of 2.3 ft and the largest 9.84 ft. The total length was 78.74 ft.

Robbert already felt for a few days the loving presence of Saint Francis of Assisi (patron saint of animals and the environment). And as he walked into the field, he again felt this presence very strongly.

Robbert immediately telepathically received a wonderful message: “Humans are no better or more advanced than animals. Animals have the same feelings and emotions and this is severely underestimated by people”.

This message was preceded (2 days earlier on April 22, at Robbert’s home) by a few beautiful appearances in photos of various animals and a monk. These pictures can be viewed in the photo gallery (or click here).