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Throughout his life, Robbert has observed an enormous amount of crop circles. It is intended that on this page, all formations will be archived for more insight into these formations. Below you will now find the complete list from 2007 on. You can view the observations both through the map as well as the alphabetical overview that is listed below. In addition, there is also the option via the menu below to choose a selection per year.
Corn-formation (11th formation) 2013
Observed on: 03 September 2013

On the night of Monday September 3 to Tuesday September 4, Robbert suddenly got an uneasy feeling and a very clear vision of a UFO-like object with spheres of light underneath. Robbert subsequently saw in his mind circles in a corn field, in the form of a Celtic cross. He then knew right away which field it concerned and asked Roy who was with him at that time whether he would be willing to drive there with him.

Once there, Robbert felt that the UFO was still present in the invisible. It felt very loving, old and wise. As Robbert and Roy were standing next to the corn field, they, of course, could not see from the road that there were circles lying in the field, because full grown corn crop is very high. But Robbert then felt that the intelligences gave him the indication to walk deeper into the field. As careful as possible, without causing any damage, they both did so..

When they walked deeper into the field, they indeed found a formation in the shape of a Celtic cross. Robbert is very grateful for again being allowed to find this.

The owner of the land does not give permission to enter his field. We do of course respect the farmers request.

In addition Robbert got the message that looking at the photos of the corn-formation is very healing and that it gives a positive, transformative, healing coding to the subconscious mind and the energy systems of  people.

Robbert wishes you much love and inspiration when looking at the photos.

Corn-circle (10th formation) 2013
Observed on: 18 August 2013

The whole past week, Robbert already had the feeling that something “big” was about to happen. Last night (Aug. 17), this feeling eventually became so strong that he felt like going outside, but since he was alone and not eager anymore to go into the fields on his own during the evening, he decided to call his good friend Roy to invite him to come over.

Roy arrived around a quarter to twelve. By now the feeling was so strong that Robbert expressed his wish to leave immediately. In the car, he told Roy that in a vision he had seen how a UFO-like vessel hung above a corn field (on several occasions during the past week he already spoke about having the feeling that a circle in corn could very well appear this year). The location was clear to him as well, as they had to drive to the Palingstraat [a road] in Hoeven. On arrival, Robbert felt that the UFO (a kind of mothership) was still present, and he also saw it with his mind’s eye - right above the field in front of them, to be precise. So, the UFO was not visually apparent, but Robbert still was able to determine the approximate spot in the corn field, because of its presence. They walked between the stems that were at least 2.5 m. (8.2 ft.) in height. After more than 30 meters, they found a circle of no less than 15 m. (50 ft) in diameter.

This is what Robbert received as a message to this circle:

The circle is very healing. People can experience time differences there, dimensions intersect there. I feel that the mothership is still there, in the invisible. The Divine power and also many invisible helpers are present. Some people may suddenly become aware of other places, or have ‘encounters’. Parallel worlds intersect there. The energy is very holy, good and fresh. It feels very good, but sometimes becomes heavier and sometimes actually a little lighter, so this may vary.

I wish you lots of inspiration inside this extraordinary circle.


The plot belongs to the same landowner as with the formations that previously appeared on the Palingstraat. This field therefore lies opposite the field in question, across the road. On one of the aerial photos, these old formations (4 & 5) still can be seen.

This friendly farmer and his wife again opened their land to the public. However, this time a contribution of 5 Euro is asked for visiting this circle (donation box present). This, in relation to the rather hefty damage caused by this new formation. By now, a red/white ribbon is placed which leads directly to the circle, to avoid further damage.

9th Formation 2013
Observed on: 07 August 2013

On the evening of August 6, Robbert was at home and in the company of his good friend Roy Boschman. In the middle of a conversation Robbert suddenly felt very uneasy, as if something was about to happen again (thus, this time, the feeling arose out of the blue - usually, it builds up days in advance). He tried to make contact with the energy and then telepathically received ‘Goudsbloemsedijk’ [road name]. This actually could only mean one thing… Robbert therefore asked his friend if they could leave immediately. Fortunately, he knew the way, which was a good thing because the road appeared to be situated way back in the fields. During the journey, Robbert said that he saw a formation in his mind’s eye, consisting of a ring surrounded by a number of circles. Never before had there been a formation in the vicinity of this street, therefore it took some effort before they finally found it. To reach the field, they first had to walk a small distance onto a dead end road. It was very dark and the formation was poorly visible. Robbert felt a distinct presence however. Not visible to the naked eye, but in his mind’s eye, he saw a kind of white ‘mothership’ hanging above the field, from which balls of light seemed to depart. He also felt the presence of some kind of supreme being which seemed to resemble something like a large bird of prey. The energy that both he and Roy could experience was particularly circulating, like a large whirlpool.

Robbert has not received a clear message yet, but should this occur, we certainly will mention it here.  

Meanwhile, the farmer contacted us and made it clear that he is NOT happy with the formation. He therefore will not open his land to the public, which of course is a petty, but must be respected. For this reason, we will not mention the coordinates.  

8th Formation 2013
Observed on: 31 July 2013

For several days Robbert experienced an uneasy feeling as if something was about to happen. In the afternoon of July 30th, he went together with Roy Boschman to see the formations that had formed several days before. This, in connection with an interview that was to be conducted at the spot that day, by people of the NRC Handelsblad [Dutch Newspaper]. Having arrived at the 6th formation, the restless feeling became very strong. Robbert clearly felt that something was about to happen in this field. He said that the circle makers were very close, and in his head he saw the shape of a triangle. His focus primarily was aimed at the back of the field. Together they then walked quite a distance into the field, but there was nothing to see yet.

Roy stayed with Robbert until late in the evening that day. It must have been around half past eleven when the restless feeling returned with full intensity. Robbert felt compelled to go outside. They drove straight to the field in Standdaarbuiten, parked the car on the driveway of the property and got out. Robbert immediately saw what appeared to be discs of mist or fog hanging above the field, two to be exact, one directly above the other. For Roy, however, these discs were not visible, so it must have been something energetic. They entered the field and walked into the direction where Robbert saw the discs. After quite a distance they saw the first outlines of what appeared to be a new and impressive formation. This is probably one of the largest formations ever to have appeared around Robbert. His hunch proved to be correct, it concerns a kind of triangle-formation with large circles at the corners. In total there are as many as 15 circles. What especially caught the eye the next day, is the fact that there is a lot of variation among the various centers of the circles. Three wide lanes guide you each time from one series of circles to the next.

According to Robbert, the formation is quite ‘heavy’, [containing] an intense energy therefore. Some people may even feel a pressure on their chest upon entering, or even get nausea. The formation is definitely healing, only a little heavy for some. Those suffering physical symptoms may get relief from a visit to this formation and in some cases, the symptoms may even disappear completely.

The formation consists of three beams of about 1.3 meters (4.2 ft) wide and over 15 meters (50 ft) long. The largest circles have a diameter of nearly 10 meters (33 ft), the smallest just over 3 meters (10 ft).

The land was already open to the public because of the circle that had appeared earlier, so we may assume that this formation is accessible to visitors. Please, remember the ‘rules’ and do not forget to give the farmer a donation.     

7th Formation 2013
Observed on: 21 July 2013

Still present in the 6th formation that was created the same night as this 7th one, Robbert felt that something else was going on. He was drawn towards the gas station that could be seen from the location of the 6th formation. We drove along the fields and Robbert clearly saw above one of the fields a visible buzzing energy hanging, which made circulating movements. As we walked into the field, a circle already clearly could be seen. A magnificent formation once more. The grain seemed to lie very flat with this one.

Robbert felt that this formation is very beneficial. It has a harmonizing joyful energy and this will be the effect upon visiting it.

It is the first time this farmer opened his land to the public. In the past, this was something he never considered (perhaps his visit to the formation with its ‘joyful, harmonizing energy’ made him think differently…?). Let us therefore step on his land with extra respect, and give generously, as he also placed a “Honesty Box”. This might stimulate the farmers to be more lenient in the future, with respect to this phenomenon.

6th Formation 2013
Observed on: 21 July 2013

On the same night as this year’s  5th formation, this large formation originated. After leaving the previous formation, Robbert immediately felt attracted to this field, where previously also in 2010 a beautiful cross formation was located (see 2nd Formation 2010). Upon arrival, the formation already could be seen from the road. It was almost full moon and the dark spot in the large field therefore was clearly visible. As Robbert entered the circle, he saw (with his inner eye) very clearly a large white-pure light column coming down from the sky right into the center of it.

Robbert telepathically received the information that this circle mainly affects the heart and is meant [for us] to let go of (old) grief, to pull out old pains. It therefore is possible that upon entering this formation, spontaneous fits of crying may occur. It can also manifest itself in spontaneous belching. Clearly a transforming energy, therefore.

Just as described with the previous formation, people can bring apples and put them inside this formation as well, to eat them later. For a more complete explanation, go to the 5th formation 2013.

The large circle has a diameter of approx. 15 mtr. (50 ft). The smaller circles vary from 1.6 to 2.4 mtr. (5.2 to 7.8 ft).

The farmer has (just as in 2010) opened his land to the public. He asks however for a donation of € 5 if you want to enter the formation.

Caution! The grain is very dry, so smoking is absolutely prohibited….!

As he was still standing in this formation, Robbert felt that he wasn’t done yet, as far as this evening was concerned. We had to leave this formation and drive in the direction of the gas station, which could be seen a little further ahead. In front of this gas station - to the right side of it - was another cornfield.

The story you can read in 7th formation 2013.

5th Formation 2013
Observed on: 21 July 2013

On the night of July 20-21 Robbert got the strong urge to go to the field of farmer Laurijs, which lies at the end of the Palingstraat [a street]. A week before, a small formation already had appeared here.

This time, he was with Roy Boschman, a good friend of his. Upon arrival they both felt that there was something going on in the back of the field. They decided to go take a look by using the sprayer tracks as a pathway. After a walk of approx. 40 meters, they entered a ring of flattened grain. In the center of the ring there also appeared to be a circle. Robbert saw (with his third eye) clearly how a white spiral descended from the sky above into the center of this formation. “It’s being charged” so he said. The energy is very healing. It’s like the cells of the body are freshened up when visiting this formation. It also has an aura-cleansing effect.

The ring in this formation pulls straight into the universe and in that way thus connects with the higher [reality].

Robbert also was told that it would be nice if people would bring apples, to lay them inside the circles for a while. They will then be charged. This way, the divine will be able to do more. Take the apples home again and lay them on a fruit bowl (preferably as long as possible, just don’t let them rot, of course). In some cases lines may be formed – the apples become engraved as it were. These apples should be eaten complete with peel and will have a powerful healing effect. The apple that apparently is best suited for this, is the Jonagold, as Robbert was told.

Should people come across such an engraved apple, it might be nice for them to place a reaction (if possible with photo) on the website, under the header ‘News’ and the article ‘Three new formations in one night!’. (Apples can be put in either of the latest four circles).

The large ring has a diameter of 21 meters (69 ft) and is 1.2 meters (4 ft) wide. The other ‘circles’ range from 3.3 to 5.6 meters in diameter (10.8 -18.3 ft).

Almost immediately upon leaving this formation, Robbert felt the strong urge to drive in the direction of Standdaarbuiten. Again to a specific field – the same field where in 2010 a formation already had appeared. On arrival they found a large formation there, with a diameter of about 15 meters (50 ft). To read about this, go to: 6th Formation 2013.

4th Formation 2013
Observed on: 14 July 2013

On the night of July 13-14 Robbert got a restless feeling. He felt he had to drive up the Palingstraat, a street in Hoeven. As he was driving on the Palingstraat, he suddenly noticed a ball of light [as big as a star seen from earth] high up in the sky, which made rotary movements. Robbert placed his moped at the side of the road and saw how the orb descended and became larger. Then Robbert suddenly became very sleepy and lost eyesight (it became black in front of his eyes). Next he suddenly felt as light as a feather and it appeared as if he was floating through the air. Shortly thereafter he felt solid ground again. Slowly the blackness in front of his eyes vanished, and he found himself sitting in the center of a crop circle. He then looked up to see that the orb had become small again - back on its position high up - to subsequently disappear from sight. Robbert walked through the circle before leaving and noticed a small circle next to it. He then returned to the road to find his moped where he had left it and drove home.

At home, Robbert received the following message accompanying this circle:

Robbert was told that this circle has a very healing and purifying effect, it stimulates the third eye and immediately connects people with the divine source.

3rd Formation 2013
Observed on: 21 May 2013

During the afternoon of Monday, May 20 already, Robbert experienced an uneasy feeling, as if something special was about to happen. By the time it became evening the feeling grew stronger. He wasn’t alone at that time, because Stan (a good friend of his) was visiting him. It must have been shortly after midnight and it was raining very hard. Still, Robbert suggested going outside, to a field where in the previous year circles had emerged. In a vision he had seen that a formation would be present there. On arrival it was still raining, and surprisingly, no circles appeared to be situated in the field. The feeling of unrest had not disappeared however and Robbert suggested Stan keeping the camera – which they had taken along for just in case - in standby mode. After standing there for a while, Robbert suddenly experienced a peculiar silence. This was odd because the field lies next to a highway on which cars were still driving. It was very strange, similar to watching TV with the sound turned off. Robbert asked Stan if he perceived the same and Stan confirmed that he too experienced this strange silence. It was like a kind of dome had been placed over this area; a kind of vacuum. Robbert suggested turning the camera on. The moment Stan did so, they both felt static electricity above them, their hair even seemed to crackle for a moment. At the same time, they also saw a huge flash in front of the camera, which malfunctioned immediately and refused to operate again. After this, Robbert and Stan immediately saw that something very big was hanging above the field - something which can only be described as a UFO. The ship was as big as a large house and looked black/gray in color. It hung some 20 meters (65 feet) above the ground. At the lower section, square-shaped lights could be seen that separately turned on and off, just like you sometimes see in the movies.  Out of a round hole at the bottom of the UFO then came four silver-colored metal-like balls which flew down to the field. Subsequently they moved rapidly low over the field. As this happened, the circles formed in the grass before the eyes of Robbert and Stan. During this spectacle, Robbert observed two large silhouettes at the entrance of the field. They stood there like guards, so it seemed. Stan also could perceive these approx. 4 meter (13ft) tall figures. They were white/grey and surrounded by a kind of glow. Their heads seemed to be attached to the bodies as if there was no neck. Robbert and Stan clearly could see that the figures had three eyes, one at the front and one on each side of the head. The most striking thing was that they both felt no fear. After the spheres apparently were done, they returned inside the ship. On that moment, the sound seemed to be turned back on, as the cars on the highway and other, environmental sounds could be heard again. The ship now had disappeared completely. All that remained were the circles.

The formation consists of 25 elements, including ovals, circles and one egg-shape. The total length is 44 meters (144ft). The grass in all the elements is laid down anti-clockwise.

2nd Formation 2013
Observed on: 07 May 2013

On the night of May 6-7, Robbert got a very restless feeling. In a vision he saw the field nearby Seppe Airport where, in the past year, a large formation lay.

Robbert got an image in his mind’s eye of a cigar-shaped object that was positioned horizontally above the field. It appeared as if the shape was translucent/transparent. Inside the cigar-shape, there seemed to be different colors harmoniously moving together. At one point, the cigar-shape turned vertically and seemed to rise a little. At that moment the object suddenly changed its shape into that of an hourglass. Inside the hourglass, colors seemed to circulate from yellow to green, with a little red. It reminded Robbert of the northern lights.

In the middle of the hourglass, Robbert saw lots of tiny balls floating around, appearing to be connected with one another, comparable to a swarm of fireflies. Then the hourglass suddenly gave a burst of energy from the bottom side and seemed to fly off like a rocket into the night sky. On that moment, Robbert saw that the circle was formed. A clear energetic manifestation.

Then Robbert and Stan (who was present also) drove towards the spot and indeed found the formation. It looked somewhat erratic and consisted, as far as Robbert and Stan could tell, of three circles. Namely, one large circle and two smaller ones behind that. After a while they returned home. Robbert then immediately phoned (via webcam) Nancy Talbott, to share his experience.

During this conversation, Nancy discovered that a mark suddenly appeared on Robbert’s forehead. Stan immediately took pictures of that.

After that, Robbert continued his Skype call. Suddenly the connection with Nancy was disrupted and a website appeared, containing UFO- characters/symbols that were found in UFO-remains.

Somewhat later that evening, as the connection was up and running again, Nancy discovered the symbol that appeared on Robbert’s forehead on that website. Below, the relevant website:

That same morning, Roy Boschman drove to the location to take pictures. He discovered that, probably after Robbert and Stan had left, three more circles had emerged in the relatively low grass (25cm/9.8 inch). These additional three circles strongly reminded him of last year’s formation that also lay on this location.

The largest circle is approx. 10 meters (32.8 ft) in diameter. The other circles vary in size from 1.1 to 3.2 meters (3.6 to 10.5 ft) diameter. The total length of the formation is approx. 19 mtr (62 ft).

We thank the landowner for officially opening his land to the public.

Update: Again, Sjaak Damen has collected samples from the grass, to have them examined in a professional laboratory. Therefore, bare spots will be visible in this formation. However, this does not affect the energy; it remains unchanged.

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