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UFO in the picture - eyewitness report

UFO in the picture - eyewitness report

By: Peter Vanlaerhoven (DCCA)

The 5th crop circle of 2009, which appeared during the night of July 23 to 24 (Thursday to Friday), was visited on Saturday July 25 and gave exceptional results. After the official investigation, we later went back with a group of people to the appropriate field in the southwest of the Netherlands, in the evening of the same day. From the DCCA (Dutch Crop Circle Archives) were present: Sjaak Damen, Richard van Rijswijk and me, Peter Vanlaerhoven. Also present were Robbert van den Broeke along with Nancy Talbott, and Pascal, a friend of Richard.

The energetic vibrations were so palpable, that this by itself gave a very special feeling, but later it turned out that things could become even more extraordinary. On this particular night, a UFO appeared in images of two different cameras. The photos were made by Robbert, with us standing right next to him, so trickery can be excluded. I myself also have seen the UFO with the naked eye behind Robbert, whereby he indicated to feel its presence. Robbert already had the feeling that he should take pictures with our cameras as well, and afterwards it became clear why. Apparently it is time to take things a step further, and that inexplicable matters become even more concrete.

Previously, 5 images made by Robbert with the camera of Roy Boschman, also contained a UFO in them. This happened on a field where earlier this month 3 formations had appeared. So now we have, from within the circles, 7 UFO pictures made with 3 different cameras, each of which was witnessed by us from the DCCA. Whether this therefore should be the cause of the occurrence of these formations, we leave to your imagination. Nevertheless, it gives one something to ponder about.

The images mentioned above can be seen in the section: Photos - UFO’s 2009/part1






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