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Message from Michael Jackson and extraterrestrial Yahyel

Message from  Michael Jackson and extraterrestrial Yahyel

On the night of February 12-13 (2013), Robbert felt a presence. A happy feeling came over him.


Robbert felt a loving, emotional charge coming from Michael, and he received the following message:

Michael is in a much more peaceful state of mind now. In his own way, he was a teacher on this planet who made us more conscious, and therefore he was much more than just a pop star. His aim was  to bring honesty, justice and love to people.

He was driven by God’s love, but during a certain period, his life was dominated by others, and nasty lies were spread about him. He was a great  ‘bringer of light’, and lived in equality with people  and animals. He had an innate politeness that was beneficial for many people.  

He now is in a beautiful world, where he lives in unity with animals and humans. He also has a strong connection with the extraterrestrial. He is in contact with an extraterrestrial population, called the Yahyel. Out of the [higher] realms, he wants to prepare people for a positive alien contact, which only can bring humanity forward.

Michael communicated to Robbert that he twice had a close encounter, something that Michael probably never may have openly admitted, although it actually happened. And now he works on a positive space-program to prepare earth for alien contact and assistance.

Robbert also was told that Michael ‘stands under the healing light beam’ of the angel Michael. He will comfort people who are lonely or in need.  


Robbert felt  also a extraterrestrial Yahyel, and the energy pf a spaceship.

The message Robbert received that relates to this, is that they will show themselves more and more on different locations in the world. They are an alien race who look a lot like humans, they are the first race permitted by the universe to get in touch with humanity. And because they look a lot like us, it will be easier for people to accept their existence - and this contact.

They are very intelligent and very loving, and they are spiritually and technologically much further developed than the people on earth. They want to help the people of this planet and share insights and creative (planetary and technological) ideas with them, through which mankind can make a giant leap forward in development, on a planetary level. It is only love what they bring. They show themselves in triangular spaceships (These are currently very often observed throughout the world, there are many reports about this).

Carefully, they prepare us for a world-wide extraterrestrial contact. But first, people will have to learn to let go of their fear and their lust for power, and the earthly bosses – the ones that do evil or the ones with excessive greed – will have to be brave enough to put their ego’s aside and dare to accept that there is a sublime power that is more advanced than they are, but who do have the best intentions in mind for them. As soon as there is awareness about that, the Yahyel can then really make themselves known. They promise to bring gifts - presents from which we will benefit greatly on earth.

They never had or will have the intention to take over this planet, these kind of mad ideas are only made up by human imagination. All they want and all they can is help us to get a better world. For the moment, they only appear to small groups of people, or to some individuals. They come from a planet that is very beautiful, where nature is present in a tremendously beautiful way. They also possess a treasure of knowledge regarding how to combat viruses and diseases. Should people want to, they can mentally ask the Yahyel if they may receive a signal from them, and should it be allowed, then it will happen. They just want to be our friends and help.

We live in a very interesting time, a time that will be full of discoveries and beautiful opportunities. The Yahyel express a pure, divine consciousness; they stand very close to the angelic realms. They also are surrounded by a soft, pink energy.

A chalcedony can help meditating with the aim to make contact with the Yahyel. The energy of the chalcedony is a good match with the energy of the Yahyel.

Robbert is grateful that he was allowed to pass this message on. 

Finally, Robbert also was told that people first should let go of the unfortunate thought that a human is worth more than an animal. Animals are co-occupants of this planet and have the same rights as we do. They too have a soul and they too live eternally in the hereafter. Once that realization has come into effect – respect towards nature and respect towards the animals – then we are ready for extraterrestrial contact.


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