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Message and appearance of Dave Chorley and Pat Delgado (on photo during an experiment)

Message and appearance of Dave Chorley and Pat Delgado (on photo during an experiment)

On April 15 2012 Robbert sensed a strong energy build-up at his place. He was sitting in his living room and felt a tingling in his crown, which went to his left arm. It felt almost like he was passing out for a moment, a dizzy feeling. He closed his eyes and asked “Is someone here who wants to talk with me?”

All of a sudden, he saw in front of him the face of a somewhat older man approaching. He abruptly heard “Yes” in his head and as the face of the elderly man came even closer, Robbert almost instantaneously recognized it. It was the face of Dave Chorley, of the famous couple Doug and Dave.


They were responsible for making various crop circles in England, during the ‘70s and ’80s. Robbert recognized his face from TV. He knew that one of the two had passed away, although he was not exactly sure about which one. But that turned out to be Dave.

Robbert got a warm friendly feeling inside, and received in his head (not audible, but via a telepathic immediate knowing) very nice information from him. Firstly that he (Dave) was glad that he could reach Robbert, secondly that now that he was in the hereafter, he really sees and realizes how important it is to have respect for the old loving forces of the crop circles.

He communicated to Robbert that there are genuine crop circles, that those around Robbert are real, and that in England and elsewhere in the world there are several real ones as well. He in addition made the refreshing and enlightening statement, that people should know that even the crop circles that are manmade, also are provided with an high energetic, loving vibration. That Angels and light- beings supply these as well with positive energy. And that many people get several paranormal experiences in these manmade crop circles.

This is because these crop circles, by the geometrical structure that they have but also by the mysterious experience of the people, have positive force fields inserted in them by the other dimensions. Certainly because now that in England these crop circles are very popular and hundreds of people travel to visit them, they hence have become a kind of spiritual meeting place. The message of Dave was therefore very clear: that people should not feel confused when they’ve had spiritual experiences in circles that later on are claimed by hoaxers (or that it later transpired that they where manmade). For all crop circles are provided by the universe with positive energy and extra strength is added from the spiritual world, because they serve as a meeting place.

But there are also crop circles made by ‘spheres of light’ or energetic manifestations from other dimensions. Dave then admitted the following to Robbert: that now that he sees the beauty of the afterlife, and the beauty of the energy of the crop circles, he sincerely regrets that he had announced via the media, during the time that he stayed on earth, that it all was just a joke and that it was nothing more than flat grain. He knew that it once started in history as a real crop circle phenomenon, but, together with Doug, took it from there in a creative manner. His last statement was: “Robbert keeps the phenomenon alive, it is hopeful”

After that, Robbert took a break, drank something and went to the bathroom. As he returned, the same feeling came back. Tingling on top of his head and tingling in the arms. He sat down in the living room again, closed his eyes and asked: “Who is here, what can I do for you?” With his eyes still closed, he saw from the depth a very small orb approaching. It thus grew bigger and bigger and finally (like fireworks) it shattered apart. From the vague fog that remained, a face formed. Incidentally, Robbert also recognized this man at once, he knew him from a book that he once received from crop circle researcher Nancy Talbott. Robbert had read about him in that book. It was none other than the deceased crop circle researcher Pat Delgado. All this in a vision.

He felt a very loving, gentle energy. As Robbert recognized the face, he couldn’t help smiling. He said in his mind: “You are Pat Delgado”. He then heard back in his mind: “Yes, and you are Robbert van den Broeke”. Robbert thanked him for being here.

Robbert, by means of immediate knowing and a deep sense of unity, received information from him. He first of all said: “Keep this phenomenon alive, keep sharing it. It is spiritual food for the people. If crop circle researchers and enthusiasts want to experience things in the crop circles, they will need to connect solely from the heart (soul level) with the consciousness behind it. An approach from the head alone, or greed, or in-fighting, will eventually lead to disappointment and withdrawal of the energy. There is still too much struggle among crop circle researchers. We are all children of the light, and we are all under way toward the same light. Grant each other equally. Then the divine consciousness ultimately will truly get room to manifest”.

Pat stated that he still, on an energetic level, is very much involved with the phenomenon. Not only in England, but also elsewhere in the world and at this moment also with Robbert. Furthermore he wanted to express his immense gratitude towards those people that fight for the truth about crop circles and who are spreading the ethereal love of crop circles. And also to the people that investigate Robbert, like Nancy and Janet and other future researchers. Robbert then saw his face slowly fade away and a kind of ring took shape - in all colors of the rainbow - which floated around on his retina for a while, like he had looked into a light. That then disappeared too.

Robbert was very impressed and grateful for what he was allowed to experience. He did not want to force anything, but asked modestly, in a loving manner: “Would you perhaps be willing to show yourselves as a projection on a photo?” Stan, a good friend of Robbert who was with him during that time, took his camera and started filming while Robbert made pictures.

Below you can see the video (also viewable on the video page).

Dave Chorley (with Stan at background).
Pat Delgado (with Stan at background).
Doug and Dave together in a documentary
Pat Delgado (Photo found on internet)
Pat Delgado in the field

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