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Joran van der Sloot sees apparition of Robbert

Joran van der Sloot sees apparition of Robbert

Saturday March 30, Robbert received an email from the lawyer of Joran van der Sloot. Joran cannot communicate with the outside world from jail, but ordered his lawyer to pass on a letter to Robbert, which he had written himself.  The letter was included as a scan.


It concerns an exceptional experience, which Joran had after he was transferred to another section of the detention centre, and where he collapsed.

Robbert already had the privilege once of having contact with the deceased father of Joran, but he also felt that he, from a distance, was allowed to offer help and comfort by means of the spiritual reality to Joran. Furthermore, he felt that he one day spontaneously would appear before Joran, at a time when Joran would experience difficulties, or sadness and loneliness. This has happened before with numerous people who received help from Robbert (they saw Robbert’s apparition and even were able to talk with him). Therefore, Robbert already told close relatives, that he felt he would  appear to Joran one day.

As was previously published, Robbert and Stan were allowed to offer support and love to the damaged Joran, who actually just needed love (Robbert in the background). Click here for that article. However, Stan never told Joran anything about Robbert during that period, his focus being on unconditional love and support, to strengthen Joran. Stan was also afraid that, just as with other people close to him, Joran wouldn’t believe the reality behind Robbert anyway.

Robbert felt sorry for Joran, when he was transferred to the smaller prison cell and he also felt that this was giving Joran a difficult time. He decided therefore to send strength, in silence. As he did so, ‘above’ - or the divine – probably decided to allow Robbert to appear in Joran’s cell. Because of this, Joran was allowed to experience a warm blanket of love and comfort. The way Robbert feels it, it was his higher self who communicated with Joran, and who made him feel the love at that moment.

Because ‘above’ loves everybody, we are all here to learn lessons, and also to make mistakes and learn from them. To hate one person on a massive global scale is not the solution, forgiveness and giving each other a chance is the key to world peace. Serial killers exist where nobody has ever heard of, while Joran, who has committed one proven crime, is being described as the biggest monster on the planet. And this while Robbert feels that Joran deep inside actually is a loving and good person, who became totally hard pressed. To lock someone up for 28 years is not a solution, it will only work to his disadvantage.

Of course, killing a person is very bad, but one forgets to look at cause and effect, because the world hated him, he went to do bad things. And of course, someone who committed such a crime must be temporary protected against himself and others. But let us as human beings please be grownup about it and not repay evil with evil. That is cowardly and unrealistic.

Love is the only thing that cures and heals.

Right now, Joran is a well known example, but Robbert hopes that people, after reading this story, will likewise, on a smaller scale (in their own environment), dare to forgive and give each other a chance. There are people in warzones that kill dozens of people every day, but nothing about those individuals in particular is ever heard. Joran is magnified to Hollywood proportions and is tarred and feathered daily. This is unrealistic.

The divine, or God, or however you want to name it, loves Joran too.

We are glad that Joran was allowed to experience this – the true love where it’s all about. As can be read in the letter written by Joran himself, the apparition of Robbert - but also the experiencing of true love - has affected him very much. We are glad about this, because this is the only thing that can heal him in a hard, judging world. This love is there for him too.

Joran also immediately became inspired to do an appeal concerning other Dutch inmates that are kept in the dangerous section of the prison. He mentions this in the letter.

The (English) translation of his letter:

I recently returned to the secure ward of the prison Ancon 1 (ex-Piedras Gordas) in Peru. On Friday of last week, I was transferred for no reason to pabellón 10 where the normal prison population is located. The conditions there are really bad. The ward is overcrowded and there are at least 3 to 4 men housed in a cell. I have now recently been transferred back to the secure ward and feel a lot calmer. Something very special happened to me while I was in pabellón 10. I felt scared and alone. It was during the afternoon that I was alone in the cell, when someone appeared in front of me in a way that I cannot explain. It was a Dutchman and he introduced himself as Robbert van den Broeke. I knew right away that this was no ordinary event because I felt a force that I cannot explain. I am not a strongly religious person but I was shocked when I saw this man who introduced himself as Robbert. He told me not to be afraid, that he was a medium, and that I would be transferred back soon. He touched me and I suddenly felt a tremendous love and was able to think very clear. He told me that my father who died in 2010 is very concerned with me and that I should allow his love to enter my heart too. I had to cry of joy but also of understanding. I’ve done my best to listen carefully to Robbert, and every second that passed by I felt better and stronger. I do not know what he did to me, but I never felt such peace, or have been able to think this clearly before. I feel like a different person, changed and filled with love. After a while he said he had to go and I did not want him to leave me alone, but he only had to laugh and told me I already had everything I needed to no  longer be afraid. That it would soon become clear to me what to do. He said that I would very quickly return to the secure ward. I do not know Robbert, but last Monday I was indeed send back to the secure ward, where it became immediately obvious to me what I had to do. The reason that I write this letter is that I’m not the only Dutchman who has to live under such poor conditions. There are in this prison that I’m in 3 other Dutchman who are in danger every day. I want to ask the Dutch embassy to do something about that, because no one should live like that. Communication is not possible, there aren’t even pay phones that you can use to call your family. Your only contact with the home front is when the embassy comes for a visit, once every two months. If they can put me on a secure ward, they can do that too with the other foreigners. That is the message that I feel Robbert wants me to bring out. I have never felt as good as I feel right now, and I really hope that something will be done about the issue I’ve just raised. Thank you so much. 


For Robberts feeling, this happened all because Joran is a collective example, many people are connected to it and can learn something.


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