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Good Friday-apparition on March 28, 2013 with message.

Good Friday-apparition on March 28, 2013 with message.

On the night of March 28, around 03:00am, Robbert felt a very pure and strong presence. After that, he took pictures, whereby - one by one - beautiful images appeared on camera. Borrowed again,  probably, from existing images. Then he tried filming with the video camera, but this gave  no result this time.


Every year, something happens around Good Friday. Robbert feels that this is intentional.

Robbert is deeply grateful that it was allowed for the events to take place this night, for the photos that were allowed to appear through him.

A crystal skull appeared on photo. Then a crystal skull with a church projected in it, which had drops of blood and tears underneath it. Next a photo showing a host. Then an image of  Jesus (Robbert recognized him immediately), positioned above the globe, and later that of a dove above the globe.

The message that Robbert was privileged to receive, is that the crystal skull symbolizes the great spirit, the God-consciousness in the universe with regard to all that is.

With the next image, a church appeared on the forehead of the skull, from which tears and drops of blood are running down. Robbert was told that the meaning of this symbolism is, that the tears are the tears of God, and the drops of blood come from Jesus who bled for us at the cross. The tears symbolize God’s sorrow with regard to the restrictions that are present in religions: dogma’s and preconceived opinions, that sometimes makes God feel limited in his freedom of movement. The drops of blood also stand for the bloodshed that still takes place in God’s name, like e.g. the wars. God wants to demonstrate with this, that he is there for everybody, and how you want to name him is entirely up to you, he is actually the un-nameable. God is much bigger than any psychological or religious concept. 

But God is always willing to adapt himself, to make himself small inside the man-made frame of thought, to enter into a relationship with people. One thing which is really true is that God is only love. Through Jesus, God attempted to reach out to people and to make people aware that love is the only way to spiritual growth. God is very creative and breathed out - and gave life to - countless individuals. Divided into different races, on different planets.

There also appeared an image of the host, to symbolize that God’s spiritual food is meant for everybody. The energy probably chose this image, because that’s what the host represents to people. It adjusts itself to human concepts with this appearance. It is disgraceful that there still are churches who, e.g.,  don’t allow homosexuals to receive the host, because they’re supposed to be sinners. God is for everybody, even for the biggest scoundrels in the world. Everybody is here to learn and we are all equal.

After that, the image of a globe appeared, with Jesus positioned above it with his arms stretched. These again are pre-existing images that are used (borrowed) by the energy. With this depiction, the universal energy shows us that Jesus, despite everything, whatever mankind may do, whatever mistakes the earthly bosses may make, will keep loving us – with eternal patience – unconditionally. But the Creator, or God, or whatever name you want to give it, is very grateful if you form a relationship with him, God wants to be found. Only then will God recognize himself in the human being again - and the human being itself in God. If you realize that the life of another person is worth just as much as your own, and that you are able to forgive, that alone makes God very happy already. Imagine we would try and do all that, then a new society - with a higher degree of maturity -  would arise. This is possible, because we’ve come a long way. There is peace in many regions on the planet. We used to be engaged in civil wars, or in warfare between little towns and cities, this lies behind us on most locations in the world. The same could happen with the wars between different countries and cultures. Because until now, wars have led to nothing. The earthly bosses who thought to be on the winning side, afterwards still appeared to be the losers. Because the eternal lesson is: at the end of the day, goodness - and love and respect for life – shall overcome.

In the next photo the globe is shown again, with a beautiful white dove above it. In religion, the dove stands for the Holy Spirit. Holy spirit, or “it”, or God, the eternal light, call it what you like. With this photo, the Divine energy shows that if you search for him, if you really want to grow with all your heart, you will find him.

On Good Friday and during Easter, the energy of people often is cleaned and the inner spring of people arises, which enables them to enter summer in a  refreshed state again. It is good to reflect on the suffering of Christ on Good Friday, because on that day, the same is done in different parts in the world. This creates a collective frequency of purity and beauty, through which you – at that moment - may  experience help and insight, and through which God may come closer.

God adapts to the man-made celebratory and/or holy days from all cultures, because it acts as a collective whole, and he uses this as an elevator to get closer to man.  


In the following video you can see the beautiful images that this night were allowed to appear. Robbert is very grateful that this should happen.

The five most striking photos we also have put underneath this video, including an overview of the 57 images Robbert took that night .

Because of the large number of photos, we have made a special section in the photo gallery where you can view them separately. Click here to go there.

Lots of love and inspiration,

Robbert van den Broeke.


Crystal skull
Crystal skull with church and tears.
Globe with Jesus
Globe with dove
Overview of the 57 photo\'s that Robbert took that evening.

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