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Father of Joran van der Sloot contacts Robbert for a revelation.

Father of Joran van der Sloot contacts Robbert for a revelation.

On the night of October 7-8 Robbert suddenly felt a presence. Immediately afterwards he saw Paul van der Sloot – the father of Joran van der Sloot – clearly in front of him. This man died in 2010. Paul told Robbert to be open about the secret that Robbert and Stan (for fear of misunderstanding) carried with them. Robbert then felt a tremendous power and love coming from God to do this, so he felt it was part of the divine plan.

Therefore we will do so, it has to do with his son, Joran van der sloot.


Stan is a highly sensitive person who has the natural ability to understand the spiritual realms and divine consciousness with all its love. Not only is he highly sensitive, he is also highly gifted (very intelligent), actually too sweet and too sensitive for this world.  While he was still living with his parents, he was therefore often misunderstood and labeled as limited, because his extreme sensitivity is actually not meant for this sometimes cruel world. As a matter of fact, Robbert was the first person who understood him and who felt his deep love. He also felt that the inner love and wisdom of Stan actually can be described as superhuman and that he could never come into his own in this more unaware world. This became a handicap for Stan.

Via Robbert, Stan was touched and could therefore rediscover himself and develop himself in a very rich spiritual way. The capacity for the divine got a connection with the divine through Robbert.

One day in a psychic reading (which Robbert did for Stan) it was revealed to Robbert that Joran van der Sloot – the man who was suspected of involvement with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway - would somehow enter Stan’s life. Robbert received information that Joran is fundamentally a loving person and that, at a subconscious level, his soul yearns for spirituality. But the worldwide demonization which has rained down on him pushes him towards the violent side and he is spiritually confused by what people say about him. Robbert said that from the hereafter they do not look at what somebody does but at what somebody is. He was also told that you always should fight evil with good and to embrace it with love to eventually bring about a world healing. The divine advice given to Robbert was never to return evil with evil and that forgiveness is one of the most important aspects of the lessons here on earth. Robbert perceived that he may offer help to Joran and that it may happen via Stan. Stan was the designated person to do this, not only because he had grown spiritually – the contact with the divine consciousness which he had rediscovered via Robbert -  but also because of the unconditional love that he carries with him. God would make sure that this contact with Joran would happen. Stan however just couldn’t believe it and largely disregarded it.

Robbert also said during the reading that Joran did not kill Natalee but had become involved in her death accidently. Robbert saw that there were others involved, but Joran was not responsible for Natalee’s death.

Because of his loneliness and other’s incomprehension towards him, Stan became temporarily addicted to gambling to get some kicks out of life. Because of his extreme spiritual growth he has now grown beyond it -but back then it still was an issue. (In the meantime, Stan is still subjected to compulsory financial oversight because they stigmatized his issues- also a limitation of the human consciousness, in this case his parents. They do not see the actual nature and talent of Stan and that he has overcome his issues since long). And so it was in a casino in 2008 that ‘by chance’ he met Joran van der Sloot. Stan could hardly believe it and immediately thought of Robbert’s reading. This could not be a coincidence. Strangely enough, Joran also felt a mystical connection with Stan. It was as if it was guided and that it was meant to be.

Joran sensed Stan’s love and felt comfortable with him. Robbert told Stan that he should stay in contact with Joran and that what Joran needed was lots of love – unbiased love – to find himself. In the course of time a close relationship developed between Joran and Stan. In short, Stan became the confidant to whom Joran dared to show his real repressed self. They had a lot of contact, weekly and sometimes daily. Due to the enormous, almost global demonization, Joran was pushed into a corner and was losing all the love that he had in him. With Stan he still could cry out. He noticed that Stan could look beyond the mask, wasn’t biased and was able to love unconditionally. Meanwhile Robbert watched from the sidelines and did all he could to support Stan.

Joran was greatly harassed by the press and this only because of a money motive from the industry. People are like herd animals – we follow trends. Because of all the misery Joran developed a gambling addiction – he played poker – and in this respect Stan of course understood him well. Joran felt oppressed in the Netherlands and fled to Thailand where severe financial problems arose. The press worldwide used Joran as a way of making money and in the process set everybody against him. Joran knew the true nature of the press so now nothing could hold him back from playing tricks on them. Because of his addiction he needed cash and began to invent stories to make money from the press. After all, he had nothing to lose anymore. It seemed the whole world was vomiting on him and a very evil, heartless aggression from every corner of the world had emerged. He also had lost everybody he knew which pushed him into desolation. People no longer wanted to deal with him – even fearing to be seen with him.

Because of the persecution from the world and the press he became more passionate in his negative role. Gambling and drugs were the only ways he felt he could handle what to him seemed a hard-hearted world. And he needed the money making from the press to fund his way of living. And from his point of view, a press that demonizes you cannot be taken seriously any more. So, in an interview with Fox News, he invented a story to Greta van Susteren that Natalee had been sold as a slave. And for this ‘exclusive’ he received a lot of money – all of which he soon lost, again through gambling. Shortly after the broadcast of this interview he admitted the deception to Stan, said he deeply regretted it but saw no other way possible to obtain money. And money and poker were the only things he had left. The creation of the slavery story was obviously disrespectful to the family of Natalee, but Stan kept supporting him unconditionally and did not break the contact. Stan did try however to steer Joran on the right path, but because of the sheer hatred and evil influences of the world Joran had no faith in god. All he believed was that he had to be stronger than this huge hatred and that he had to fight it back. However, he did feel through the spiritual growth and love that Stan had received via Robbert a special kind of love via Stan. At times when it was especially hard for Joran, the support from Stan provided a solution. He started to love Stan. Robbert felt that this love was sincere and not just some kind of game which Joran was able to play towards some people to just make money. Stan also visited Joran at his grandparents’ in Arnhem.

Joran had full trust in Stan and told him his deepest secrets. Stan was shown a totally different Joran than the one people knew from the press. Eventually, Stan gave Joran the confidence to decide to come out with the truth about the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and that it would be better not to lie about it anymore. He had the opportunity to do so in an interview with Terror Jaap (his real name is Jaap Amesz), a well known figure in the Netherlands from the TV program ‘The Golden Cage’. In exchange, he received a hefty fee from Jaap to pay off his debts. As a trustee, Stan advised Joran to really push this through and to go for no less than the truth. However, after the interview – which took place in Germany -  Joran told Stan that he still hadn’t been able to be truthful and thus again had invented a story to Jaap, afraid of playing his last card. In his view, the only thing that could make him money, his only power against a world that did not understand him, hated and exploited him, was his secret. This was how it was perceived in the emotional world of Joran. He invented the story that Natalee had fallen off a balcony.

Jaap also had a meeting with Stan. As a mediator, Stan tried to guide the whole process in a proper way. He begged Jaap and the TV channel RTL to give Joran a second chance so Joran still could tell the truth. However, because of his earlier fictional story, Jaap and RTL had lost confidence in Joran. Jaap originally had the sincere intention to let Joran come out with the truth. A good intention therefore.

The interview with Jaap was aired in 2010.

Later in 2010 Joran spoke, via the computer, with Stan, while Stan was at Robbert’s address. Joran said that he wanted to blackmail the parents of Natalee Holloway. This was due to financial need and his extreme poker addiction. He had no morals anymore because the world already had oppressed him. Robbert who was also following the conversation, immediately told Stan to tell Joran that he absolutely should not do this. That this would be devilish, vicious and that he would only dig his own grave by that and it would be absolutely terrible for the parents of Natalee. Joran however could not stop himself from doing so, he was in deep financial trouble and confused by all the pressure. Stan tried everything to stop Joran. In the meantime, Joran’s father had died which made things worse for him.

Joran eventually fled to Peru (because of a conflict at home and grief over his now deceased father).

Robbert got a huge menacing feeling over Joran regarding Peru. He felt that Joran was emotionally trapped by the demonization, addiction and financial distress and all this now was becoming too much for him. This extinguished the love completely in Joran and a huge survival instinct emerged. Robbert even felt that Joran was able to kill and felt menacing days coming in Peru.

Two days prior to May 30 (May 28) Robbert again gave an extra warning about this. He perceived intuitively that Joran was in a hotel without any money (he had lost everything through gambling by now), in a foreign country and nowhere to go anymore, and that it all had become too much for him. Everything from the past, everything which had been done to him and having to fight to survive, now came to a head. Robbert felt he was very aggressive – almost psychotic and got the feeling that if Joran now wouldn’t be helped in this plight, something bad could happen. In the vision Robbert even saw a threat to murder, a robbery with murder. Stan decided in response to this to seek direct contact with Joran, who indeed came across as very desperate and confused. Robbert was right. Joran begged Stan for money and said otherwise he would be capable of the worst things. He sounded very emotional and wasn’t himself anymore. He seemed totally destroyed. The story of being in a hotel without money, also proved to be right. Joran told Stan that he even was willing to sell his body for prostitution. He himself was not yet aware of any concept of murder.

 But because of the information that Robbert had received in his vision, Stan decided to calm Joran down, he almost even decided to call the police in Peru. But because there wasn’t any lead or evidence about what Robbert had seen in his vision (a murder not yet committed), the police would not have taken any action or treated it seriously.

Joran sounded very confused. Out of desperation, to appease Joran and to prevent him from turning Robbert’s murder prediction into reality, Stan boasted that he had ways to make money – all this just to prevent a robbery with murder. The way Robbert felt it, the situation really was life threatening. Because Joran had extorted money from Natalee’s family, Stan decided to invent a similar story, because it tallied with the way Joran was thinking. It was something that Stan of course would never normally do but this was purely out of desperation to save a life. Joran had to be calmed down somehow. A solution had to be found and because there wasn’t any real money it had to be done by bluffing, there was no other way. So Stan provided a diversion by this bluff.

It was to no avail however. What Robbert felt would happen – did happen, and the murder was committed. Stan has done everything to prevent it. Stephany Flores was found dead in the hotel room of Joran. The frustrations of Joran played out in her death.

The first thing that Robbert felt and which came from ‘above’, was that this was the fault of the entire world, that the love and help from God through Stan had helped at first – otherwise it would have ended in a fatal way much earlier for him. But the love of one person, Stan, could not withstand the massive total world hate towards Joran. All of us together have committed a murder, Joran was destroyed. You must always fight evil with love and not condemn and demonize it, because than you get precisely a counterproductive result. Stan and Robbert’s actions may serve as a symbol of how it should have been done and because of that, the contact through a mystical synchronicity was laid. Robbert’s original prediction came true. It was the intention that God, through Robbert and Stan, gave love to Joran as an example of how it should be done, because Joran is a public figure. Despite the fact that Stan could lose his reputation (because of the contact with Joran) and that it could be fatal to him, he still laid the contact. Because it was not about himself, thus not about the reputation of Stan or Robbert, but about the unconditional love, even towards Joran. It is meant as an example. Evil for evil and demonizing makes no sense, there is only love, love is the only cure for all the evil in the world.

Shortly after the murder, the Criminal Investigation Department searched Stan’s house and confiscated his computer and phone, to look for evidence connected with the extortion case. Stan was also one of the last people to have spoken with Joran shortly before the murder. The police questioned him and it was found that Stan tried to stop Joran by means of this invented story about the extortion. The police also searched the house of Terror Jaap (Jaap Amesz).

 In 2011, the FBI also paid Stan a visit to interrogate him. In the same year it was leaked to the press (through a leak in Peru) that Stan had contact with Joran, and his chats from shortly before the murder came to light. However, they interpreted the bluff that Stan had used to prevent a murder, as the truth, they thought that Stan and Joran actually wanted to blackmail someone together.


This case is exceptional because Robbert had predicted the impending murder and Stan therefore felt compelled to bluff Joran with the blackmail plot to calm his inner aggression. But the fact that someone can peer into the future is, of course, hardly ever taken seriously. So Stan was unable to comment and if he had done so, it might have generated even worse publicity. Even towards his then-partner, he denied the bluff for fear of being misunderstood. Robbert’s clairvoyant warning made the truth just too complex. Stan felt ashamed about the news article. Of course, it was never intended that this bluff would leak out.

Furthermore, his name - Stan Pluijmen – was mentioned worldwide. He was the crown witness in this case and part of the proof that Joran had a robbery motive, because he came across towards Stan as quite desperate and wanting money.

As a consequence of his unconditional love, which even stretches to the worst criminal on earth, Stan himself was demonized. Being very sensitive to this kind of misunderstanding, Stan even decided to change his second name to van Aalst (his mother’s surname), because he feared people would be unable to accept the truth and instead believe the press’s negative version. He already had lost many friends because of the news articles. People found it scary because only Robbert and a few close  individuals knew the truth. Robbert also supported Joran from a distance, via Stan.

Joran’s deceased father Paul communicated to Robbert that although it might cause misunderstanding, it was now the time to reveal the truth out to the public….that people may learn that the world and its almost diabolical hate towards his son, had made him crazy when all he needed was love….that people may learn that it makes no sense to hate….that hate pushes people into a negative role again. Paul was experiencing the unconditional love of the afterlife where there is no judgment. Killing, of course, is wrong and against God’s laws but when people repay evil with evil, evil will only increase. His son needs psychological help and love, through which he may recover and continue to grow. To lock someone up for a long period of time is of no use. In the depths of his heart, Joran is no killer – the world and the demonization via the press turned him this way. To love Joran, would represent high spiritual development, but this is rarely present in the not yet mature consciousness of man.

Stan, a very dear friend of Robbert and who also can be seen in the many short videos, thus actually carries the name Stan Pluijmen. He even took the risk of losing his reputation in order to display unconditional love which is what spiritual teaching is supposed to be all about. There was actually nothing for him to gain from Joran. Joran did offer Stan a large amount of money (100.000 euro from the revenue through Jaap), but Stan did not accept this.

Because it was Paul’s wish, we published this story, despite the misunderstanding it may bring for supporting Joran. It had to serve a purpose, an example of how it should be done.

The contact between Stan and Joran was predicted by Robbert and thus driven by Robbert and the divine, to eventually teach him (Joran) the love that Stan learned from God (through Robbert) and to keep him on the right path. But in the end, Joran was blinded by the misery and mass hatred. It build up so much pressure that he did wrong, like selling false stories to the press, extortion and murder. The message therefore is that you eventually have to embrace evil with love. God seeks a relationship with everyone, even with the meanest villains of the world. Because Joran was publicly so demonized and hunted, he became even more confused and the evil in him increased.

Finally, a tip for everybody: send thoughts of love to those who do, or have done, evil. This applies to Joran too (he is a well known example), but also to all others in this world. Because Joran is present in the collective memory of mankind, the divine used him (through Stan) as an example. Love and forgiveness are the only keys to world happiness.

Of course, our condolences go out to the families and the souls of Natalee Holloway and Stephany Floris themselves. But we also feel the inner self of Joran. And also of course sympathy to the family of Joran, who deep inside, know that Joran actually is a good guy.

Robbert knows that many will not understand all of this, but he only pursues truth and nothing but the truth.  


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