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Easter Message

Easter  Message

In the year 2000, Robbert experienced for the first time something special on Good Friday. And it went hand in hand with a cross formation that arose in the grass on his “special” field at the Palingstraat (a street). Since then he feels something special every year around that time. In most cases on Good Friday itself, but sometimes slightly thereafter. The experience is usually accompanied with a message for mankind.


Last year it was the appearance of Francis of Assisi (the patron saint of  animals). This time Robbert again had the presentiment that something would appear in a photo. Read his story below.


During the night after Good Friday, I felt that I was being surrounded by God’s love. I became driven, grabbed my camera and put it on self timer. I felt an open, deep love that went to the depths of my being and I took a picture of myself. When I examined what had emerged, I saw on the screen of the device that what I had felt, the symbols of the great world religions depicted around me and in the middle the core of what counts: The heart of love. Not the struggle of which name He has, but that there is an eternal all-encompassing consciousness which implies “In love being all together within the harmony of the Universe ”. Because we all know how wonderful love is. It is THÉ FORCE from which everything arises. This is eternal and will always remain. This love ensures eternal connectedness. I quite clearly received the notion that people can decide for themselves how they would like to call “It” or “Him”, but that we all are allowed to connect. For only trough feeling and knowing we can experience Him. God takes up the space between religions, dogmas, fears and fundamental basic attitudes. People, for themselves, just need to give Him that space and just feel, then they will sense “the truth”. Then there will only be love, no more lust for power and no longer a fight over which religion is best. Then God himself will get more room to maneuver, and we will all be able to see each other again and live together and forever in his living space, the hereafter.

There now is a new awareness in motion that more and more people will begin to feel. It will still take quite some time before everyone will experience it, but knowing that it is happening actually is sufficient. If you then go to the afterlife, you will be more conscious. The earth really is just a practice area.  

The original photo that Robbert made with the self-timer.
Line 1: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism. Line 2: Islam, Buddhism, Shinto. Line 3: Sikhism, Bahai, Jainism
Robbert in the cross formation that was founded on good Friday 2000.

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