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Call from extraterrestrials to end discrimination

Call from extraterrestrials to end discrimination

On the night of December 14-15, Robbert felt the presence of two extraterrestrial intelligences. He felt the presence of a gray and a reptilian, and their inquisitive and loving attendance.


Robbert got through that the grays and the reptilians call for the people to end the discrimination against them. There are many negative stories fabricated about them, both about the grays as well as about the reptilians. Just as there are certain people that think or act in a negative way, there are also certain extraterrestrials who sometimes made mistakes. This does not mean that all grays and reptilians are bad. They too are born from God's love and it does hurt them that they are still being judged negatively. Without prejudice we can all help each other, the grays and the reptilians are not demons. 

If certain people would encounter them now, they could be frightened because of all the negative stories that are proclaimed about them. The grays and reptilians call for the people, through Robbert, to try and let go of any form of discrimination (also on earth towards other people), so that, eventually, we will become more mature and prepared for real extraterrestrial contact. 

Robbert felt that he had to take pictures, and thereupon appeared both a gray as obviously a reptilian. When looking at these photos, one feels the true inner self of these beings.

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