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Appearance of an abnormality in a photo, with striking message.

Appearance of an abnormality in a photo, with striking message.

On the night of Feb. 18-19 Robbert felt a presence and simultaneously heard a high buzzing sound. This he hears frequently whenever extraterrestrial entities are present (many bystanders/witnesses have heard this sound too - on different occasions in the past - while present with Robbert).


Robbert placed the photo camera on a tripod, and, by using the self-timer, took a consecutive number of photos. As he examined the result, he saw - much to his surprise - images of beings with almond-shaped eyes.

Robbert felt that they were present to support him.

Something else that caught  Robbert’s attention – and this is typical – is that the background in the photos had shifted with each shot taken, although the position and angle of the camera was never altered in any way. Robbert had not moved it in between shots.

As soon as he realized this, he (telepathically) received a message that related to this extraordinary fact.

According to the message that Robbert received, this is to demonstrate – by the ‘other side’ – that they are able to bend space and light and let things appear the way they want to. In the same way, they often change the [meta]data regarding the specific time a photo was taken as well, or the sequence in which a series of photos was taken. The supernatural influence demonstrates things that seem impossible according to human logic. This is to let people take a step back from logic, which will cause them to ‘feel’ more, and to open themselves to the Mystery. It dismantles the tendency of wanting to understand everything, and because of that, one will get a better sense for the Mystery. It acts as a kind of spears that are thrown onto the human way of thinking [to create cracks/openings].

Another example, whereby the order in which the photos were taken was changed (and this is something we found out later), is the photo-experiment which Stan conducted with Robbert during April 2012.

As can be seen in the video below, in the beginning  – after Robbert took the first photo – Stan moved  slightly to his left, because that felt like a more central position to him. At the same time, he also removed the camera strap from his hand, for an esthetic reason.

However, on the photos it shows that in the last (third) image, Stan is positioned on his initial spot and still carries the camera strap.  If you compare the photos with the video-material, the sequence is obviously changed. The first shot that was taken appears to be the last shot as presented by the camera. Nancy Talbott later discovered that the time-data from the photos of this sequence also lay too far apart from each other (not matching reality), meaning the times were altered too.

Likewise the event with Diana, click here, where we found that the sequence of the photos was altered. 

This night, Robbert intuitively received the knowledge, that the various influences on the camera, like the apparitions (often via borrowed images), the altering of the time or sequence, the altering or skipping of photo numbers, or, like the event of this night, even the shifting of the background in - or composition of - a photo, deliberately demonstrates the seemingly impossible. Thus [it concerns a demonstration of events] outside the structure of what seems logic to us earthlings, to untie people therefore from a grip on reality that is solely based on logic, and on ‘wanting to understand it all’ with the mind.  

Only those people that can accept this phenomena, despite the fact that it seems illogical, will open up and become as children again. They will open to the Mystery. If we can make ourselves small again, to the point that we realize not being able to understand everything with the mind, and that we are part of a great mystery, then we become large. Then God will get more space inside of us.  

Extra-dimensional being (background of this sequence shifts)
Extra-dimensional being (background of this sequence shifts)
Extra-dimensional being (background of this sequence shifts)
Extra-dimensional being (background of this sequence shifts)
Photo experiment with Stan. First photo that was taken, but presented as the last (third) photo by the camera.
Stan stands closer to the wall and still uses the camera strap. Before he took a step to the side.
2nd or 3rd photo originally, but presented as 1st by the camera.
Stan has moved to the side and the camera strap is removed.
2nd or 3rd photo originally, but presented as 2nd by the camera.

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