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Apparition of Christopher Hitchens and Edgar Cayce, with message.

Apparition of Christopher Hitchens and Edgar Cayce, with message.

On the night of June 16-17 Robbert felt one or more energetic presences.



Later, Robbert felt more presences and again took photos. In these, [images of] Christopher Hitchens and Edgar Cayce independently appeared.

Robbert noticed - just as with the extra-dimensional creatures, see link below – that in the photos of Christopher Hitchens and Edgar Cayce, the image background had been distorted/altered. They appeared farther away that the distance Robbert actually was standing, as far as he recalls.  So the light appeared to ‘bend’ again.


Robbert then felt the message of Christopher Hitchens approaching.

Christopher told Robbert that he was very tired and emotional when he passed over to the other dimension, and that he experienced it as an intense embrace and warm bath of understanding and no judgment. From the hereafter, Christopher is even more aware now, that there is a huge planetary misconception going on on earth; that people fight in the name of the mystery of God (or whatever you want to call it), and he still sees – as when he was on earth – that the religions plus the contribution from human limitation, fantasy and misuse, can cause an aversion within certain people – as happened with him - towards religion and faith as a whole, so that people can lose the feeling for mystery and overshoot into a pessimistic and skeptical role.        

From the group of guides around Christopher, Robbert was told that Christopher had a purifying function during his stay on earth. He cleansed the fantasies and myths created by man that are used as a force and cause a lot of misery. Due to this, Christopher lived in a kind of emptiness, but because of this emptiness and his critical thinking, or rather neutral attitude, he actually came closer to the mystery than he realized. Therefore he was drawn straight into the light after he died - straight into the mother-heart of all origin. As a result, God (or whatever you want to call it) really got space inside Christopher, in all its dimensions. Christopher also explains that God, or the ‘Light of Life’,  frequently is troubled by religions. [But] because the earthly reality has to remain – because people are here to learn – God cannot intervene and man must discover and feel the mystery all by themselves.

God is so infinitely huge that it knows how to adapt to the small, miniature-psychological networks (in other words: religions), by manifesting itself during supernatural events in a way recognizable to this or that person with his or her specific religion. This also often takes place during near death experiences. It sometimes shows itself as Buddha, Mohammed, Allah or Jesus. In a way therefore, recognizable to people, adapted to the experience of our little planet and our childlike ideas. Everything that exists and has consciousness, collectively forms within the whole universe an identity of a real existing being. A being purely consisting of love and of maturity, but with its own character and tendencies.

This being, also known as God, so far feels limited in its freedom of movement [expression]. When people enter into the authentic connection with God, based more on their individuality, independent from religions, then God can come a lot closer, because the narrow ideas are like a tight belt around God, preventing it from being able to breathe out properly. So, what this means for people, but also for the religious leaders here on earth, is that they must be honest in admitting that they do not have all the answers. From that moment on, God itself can act without being hampered, without people speaking and thinking in its name. Christopher indicates that he now has peace and is preparing himself to go and do something new within the realms. Greetings, Christopher.

After this, Robbert established contact with Edgar Cayce, whose energy also projected an image in a photo. 

Edgar told Robbert that he follows the developments around him, as well as other developments that are going on on earth, and that he is pleased with Robbert picking up his energy. He explains that Robbert, just like himself, is connected to the collective consciousness, and from there on to the Akashic Records, where past, present and future are stored. He describes that he can see how there actually is a kind of long wire running from the spiritual realms to Robbert, with lots of butterflies attached to it. These butterflies represent the many souls that seek contact with Robbert, to express themselves.

On a regular basis, these are public, well known figures who meant something. They are basically used as role models, adapted to our reality. People knew them, their situation or message, making it understandable and recognizable for everyone, so people can apply the message into their own lives. They are like handles, because  these appeared deceased are known by people on a massive global scale (or to large groups). Of course, the divine and the other dimensions do not have a specific preference for certain celebrities, everyone is equal over there. But on earth there is something like being famous or well known, also because we have radio and TV. The energy, the divine, makes use of these landmarks and the stories associated with these personalities, so that people immediately know with whom they are dealing and what lessons can be drawn from this person.

Edgar also explained to Robbert why the energy of these personalities makes use of an existing image. As it happens, the divine does not want to mislead by giving us the impression that we still hold the same shape in the hereafter as we know it here. If the divine would create a new shape in the photo, the impression could be made that this shape still plays a role in the hereafter. This is not so, over there, we happen to be more than that, and, as a soul, we also lived multiple lives. With a landmark as a wink towards our own reality - thus images that are already existent in our reality - the energy links to this already existing material on earth, so that people automatically realize that it concerns an image, a visiting card so to speak, and that there is more to it behind the image. Celebrities therefore prefer choosing a collective image that is publicly available, such as on the internet, making them accessible to anyone and giving everyone the possibility to experience or see what image is concerned. A collective openness. Edgar Cayce explains that this process of ‘borrowing’ from our reality also applies when someone for example smells a specific perfume that was used by a deceased loved one. This fragrance is copied from the already existing perfume in the shop, and although the molecules are not really present at that moment, it is a way of giving a recognizable salutation to a surviving relative.  

Edgar communicates that not very long from now, an underground pyramid will be discovered, which will be completely uncovered and excavated. Edgar also says that man will revalue nature again; that man will find out that they cannot do without nature and its healing capabilities. We actually should all return to nature - it is our health resort. Our collective state of well being will force us to. Edgar Cayce stays with a group of nature doctors and spiritual surgeons in a realm which is not his home, it’s more like a working environment. He also has a private life over there and lives in a tranquil country house, surrounded by beautiful nature. Edgar wants to emphasize that he did not reincarnate, that right now he is residing in the higher realms. Let there be no confusion about this: too many people, according to Edgar, focus on the predictions he made [instead of focusing on his legacy regarding natural healing]. He says he has been able to pass through many messages regarding the medical field and natural healing, that remain useful. He also suggests that people would benefit from reading his books about natural healing more often.


In addition, Robbert wishes you a lot of inspiration and is grateful for this beautiful experience and the messages received.

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