Small light-being



On July 4, Robbert was together with friends inside the first formation of 2010. At a certain moment, Robbert felt a clear presence. He asked for the camera of one of his friends and twice managed to capture a hazy appearance in a photo.

After Robbert arrived back home later that night, he felt in his bedroom again the same presence as previous in the formation. This time using his own camera, he photographed this “beautiful little creature”, because that is how it felt to him. It felt especially comforting, Robbert later said. It stayed with him the whole night, until early the next morning. In the last pictures you therefore can see the light shining through the curtains. In total, Robbert took 29 photos of this little being. You can view a selection of them to the right.



July 5, 2010. (07)
July 5, 2010. (08)
July 5, 2010. (09)
July 5, 2010. (10)
July 5, 2010. (11)
Photo taken around 06.30 in the morning.
July 5, 2010. (12)
July 5, 2010. (13)
Vorige Blz