Franciscus of Assisi



Already some days before Easter, Robbert felt the loving presence of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron Saint of animals and the environment. On April 22 he photographed many animals and a figure in a brown robe: Francis of Assisi.

Robbert: ”Animals are underestimated by a lot of people, and are treated less than men. This is not right and, by the beings with whom I am in contact with, labeled as unjustified. I very strongly receive the message that open contact is not possible as long as we mistreat animals.”

Animals have just as strong an emotional awareness as people and should be treated accordingly.

Two days later the first formation of 2011 emerged, and it had everything to do with these appearances.

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Image of the Holy Franciscus
Figure in a brown robe. 01
Figure in a brown robe. 02
Figure in a brown robe. 03
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