Examples of borrowed images



On this page we show some examples of ‘borrowed’ images. This subject is further explored in the “Wonderful Events” section, but here is nevertheless a brief explanation.

The energy or consciousness form that wants to come through when Robbert is taking photos, chooses a shape from ‘The Field’ (the Akashic Records or the library of the Universe). This is because the frequency of these forms of consciousness is so high that they have transcended their original earthly form.

The deceased might choose an image with which they identified themselves in this life. A photograph as they like to be remembered.

What the energies are trying to communicate regarding the UFO images, is probably that we associate UFO’s with the ‘other world’. In this way they make it clear that besides the world that we know, there is much more. That does not mean that it has nothing to do with extraterrestrials, the word UFO speaks for itself.

On this page we first show the used image that we found (sometimes on the internet and sometimes in someone’s photo album). Then the photos that Robbert made associated with that image in the correct proportions.

See also (regarding borrowed images)  

John Lennon
John Lennon
combined with the photo taken by Robbert.
Jos Brink
Robbert??s photo in combination with..
Billy Meier UFO
Robbert??s photo next to that of Billy??s.
Photo taken by Billy Meier
Robbert??s photo next to that of Billy??s.
Vorige Blz