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Aerial photo: Yvonne & Ronald
Overview as seen from the embankment.
Aerial photo: Yvonne & Ronald
Photo: DCCA
Photo: DCCA
Vorige Blz

Rules when visiting Cropcircles

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the 'rules' that are associated with entering a crop circle formation. This to avoid potential irritation from the owners of the fields.
  • First we need to respect the crop and the land before setting foot on the field.
  • Avoid any damage to the crop and the land.
  • Please leave no waste, cigarette butts or other things behind.
  • Walk when possible in tractor tracks and inside the formation. Do not make new tracks.
  • Keep the formation intact. More people will want to see it as such.
  • Sometimes a farmer places an offertory box for a voluntary contribution. Please consider a donation.

5th Formation 2009


Friday, July 24, Robbert van den Broeke reported that he was ‘drawn’ the night before to a piece of land in Zevenbergen. He even noticed a white ghostly apparition there.

It concerns a formation in wheat (hight: 2.3 ft) of one large circle and a whopping 28 smaller ones, 14 of which lie around the large one and two curls on either side, 7 circles each. The length of the formation in total is approx. 111 ft. The crop lies once again counterclockwise, and in some of the smaller circles it even appears to lay in a spiral. At this formation also, we all are amazed how the stems could be laid down so beautifully. And this time too, no anomalies like bend or burst knots although on the other hand there were stems with a breakage. We also noticed a dead and a half dead fly attached to a stem.

Research into the energetic aspect provides ley lines which apparently do not lay there coincidently, looking at the drawing of Richard van Rijswijk. The many vibrating streams which are clearly palpable do have a considerable effect on us. After being present for a couple of hours it is clear for everyone that we should take a break. We do so after we collect some grain for Sjaak’s research [Sjaak Damen]. Fortunately, the owner of the land  gives us permission to research the grain concerning the quality of the protein containment. (an extensive account of this can be found in the section: Wonderful Events)

During the evening we return to where we have agreed to meet Robbert van den Broeke and Nancy Talbott, an American crop circle researcher. Apart from the many orbs, Robbert also managed to capture UFO’s with his camera. The extreme extraordinary result of this evening can be read and seen here. Those who still doubt the authenticity of the photos (something I would not blame them for) are invited to research the photos and cameras thoroughly. You indeed only start believing it until you experienced it yourself.

(Text: DCCA)