Cropcircle archive

Rules when visiting Cropcircles

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the 'rules' that are associated with entering a crop circle formation. This to avoid potential irritation from the owners of the fields.
  • First we need to respect the crop and the land before setting foot on the field.
  • Avoid any damage to the crop and the land.
  • Please leave no waste, cigarette butts or other things behind.
  • Walk when possible in tractor tracks and inside the formation. Do not make new tracks.
  • Keep the formation intact. More people will want to see it as such.
  • Sometimes a farmer places an offertory box for a voluntary contribution. Please consider a donation.

14th formation 2014


This is the third circle from a series of 3 formations that appeared in one night.

On July 10th Robbert had predicted that 3 formations would arise on the same night. He communicated this prediction to Nancy Talbott (via Skype).

Robbert also knew that they would appear in 3 different residences and that together they would form a triangle on the map when seen from above.

On the night of July 15-16, Robbert got a premonition. He then told Roy that he felt they should go to Etten-Leur (a town). Robbert got a clear vision of a circle in a cornfield and telepathically received the street name “Ettensebaan”. This turned out to be the first circle that they discovered that night. To view the photos of this corn circle, go to the 12th Formation 2014 or click here.

Still in the corn formation Robbert strongly felt they had to go to the town of Roosendaal. (for this story go to; 13th Formation 2014...). After they had discovered this formation in Roosendaal Robbert felt he needed to go in the direction of the town Zevenbergen, and got the street name “Parallelweg Zuid” through.

Having almost arrived there, Robbert felt a warm sensation in his belly and knew that he was in the vicinity of where they had to be. He asked Roy to stop at a certain grain field. As they got out of the car, Robbert saw with his mind's eye a kind of transparent energy-form above the field in the shape of a UFO.      

Whilst on their way to Zevenbergen, Robbert was shown a clear image in his mind of a circle with a ring around it, which appeared to match up with how the formation was laid down. When they stepped into the circle, both Robbert and Roy felt very dizzy again. Roy's phone acted weird again too: the screen was flickering.


When Roy returned the next day to take pictures, his camera displayed strange behavior as well at this third formation. The energy in this circle, therefore, is pretty powerful.

Roy did some research and found out that the formations indeed form a perfect triangle on the map. The sides of the triangle are 17 kilometres long!

Roy also managed to trace the farmer who owns the field of the third formation. Sadly, the farmer wants NO visitors on his land, the circle is therefore not accessible.


Sizes plus details of the 14th formation (-wheat- Zevenbergen/Klundert);

The circle in the center has a diameter of 5m (16.4ft) and the stems were lay clockwise. The narrow ring that lies between the circle and the outer ring is only 10cm (0.32ft) wide. You cannot walk through it without damaging the grain! The outer ring has a diameter of 18.5m (60ft) and is 90cm (almost 3ft) wide. In both of the rings the stems were lay against clockwise.